Open Area Sample Clauses

Open Area. (a) The Open Area is intended to be available to tenants of buildings owned by TCHC (“TCH Tenants”) and Xxxxxxx’s rights to use the Open Area shall be permitted only as set out herein, or by further agreement with TCHC, the intention being that some of the Open Area shall always be available for use by TCH Tenants. Xxxxxxx’s use of the Open Area for its programming shall be governed by an operating agreement (the “Operating Agreement”), which shall reflect the terms of this MOU.
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Open Area. The percent open area for any screen material must be at least 27%.
Open Area. The open area consists of lawn area of 2500 sq.m. with a sea front access developed by MbPT as shown in figure 1. It also consists of a watch tower (marked as ‘Existing structure’ to the upper left corner of the in figure 1). Landscaping has been undertaken by the authority on the site area and the area is aesthetically enhanced by a repainted boat/ launch, painted old armor etc. There are few other small structures as shown in the schematic in figure 1. The boat/ launch placed near the toilet block can be removed whenever required by the authority.
Open Area. A geographic region and associated countries where the Authorized rights for Maintenance Services, Component Repair, and associated placement of an Authorized Maintenance Center has not been fulfilled at the time of execution of this Agreement.
Open Area. The Unit-PURCHASERS shall have the exclusive right to use the open area except the area reserved for common purpose. The unit PURCHASERS shall not make any construction of any nature whatsoever (temporary or permanent) in the open areas
Open Area. Not more than fifty per cent (50%) of any lot area shall be covered by Structures.
Open Area 

Related to Open Area

  • Open Space Acquisitions within the PPA. The County agrees that for the term of this IGA it will not purchase or otherwise acquire any land within the PPA for open space purposes, including conservation easements and transfer of development right sending sites without the approval of the Town.

  • PREVAILING WAGE RATES - PUBLIC WORKS AND BUILDING SERVICES CONTRACTS If any portion of work being Bid is subject to the prevailing wage rate provisions of the Labor Law, the following shall apply:

  • The Site The site of the Bus Terminal shall comprise the real estate described in Schedule-A and in respect of which the Right of Way shall be provided and granted by the Authority to the Concessionaire as a licensee under and in accordance with this Agreement (the “Site”). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that references to the Site shall be construed as references to the real estate required for the Bus Terminals as set forth in Schedule-A and includes Commercial Complex.

  • Project Site The “Project Site” is the place where the Work is being carried on.

  • Area The sphere of operation shall be England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Premises Building Project and Common Areas 1.1 Premises, Building, Project and Common Areas.

  • Project 3.01. The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions.

  • Common Area Subject to the terms and conditions of this Lease and such rules and regulations as Landlord may from time to time reasonably prescribe, Tenant and Tenant’s employees, invitees and customers shall, in common with other occupants of the Parcel, and their respective employees, invitees and customers, and others entitled to the use thereof, have the non-exclusive right to use the access roads, parking areas and facilities provided and designated by Landlord for the general use and convenience of the occupants of the Parcel, which areas and facilities are referred to herein as “Common Area.” This right shall terminate upon the termination of this Lease. Landlord reserves the right from time to time to make changes in the shape, size, location, amount and extent of the Common Area; provided that no such changes shall prevent or materially diminish or adversely affect Tenant’s ability to have access to and use of the Premises or Tenant’s allocation of parking spaces. Landlord further reserves the right to promulgate such rules and regulations relating to the use of the Common Area, and any part or parts thereof, as Landlord may reasonably deem appropriate for the best interest of the occupants of the Building. The rules and regulations shall be binding upon Tenant upon delivery of a copy of them to Tenant, and Tenant shall abide by them and cooperate in their observance. Such rules and regulations may be reasonably amended by Landlord from time to time, with advance notice, and all amendments shall be effective upon delivery of a copy of them to Tenant. Tenant shall have the exclusive use of Tenant’s Pro Rata Share of the parking spaces in the Common Area on a “first-come, first served” basis at no cost to Tenant during the Term or any extension or renewal of the Term. Tenant shall not at any time park or permit the parking of Tenant’s trucks or other vehicles, or the trucks or other vehicles of others, adjacent to loading areas so as to interfere in any way with the use of such areas, nor shall Tenant at any time park or permit the parking of Tenant’s vehicles or trucks, or the vehicles or trucks of Tenant’s suppliers or others, in any portion of the Common Area not designated by Landlord for such use by Tenant. Tenant shall not abandon any inoperative vehicles or equipment on any portion of the Common Area. Tenant shall make no alterations, improvements or additions to the Common Area without prior written approval of Landlord. Landlord shall at all times operate, manage, insure, maintain and repair the Common Area in good order, condition and repair. The manner in which the Common Area shall be maintained and the expenditures for such maintenance shall be at the unfettered discretion of Landlord. Except as excluded herein or in Addendum One, the cost of such repair, maintenance, operation, insurance and management, including without limitation, maintenance and repair of landscaping, irrigation systems, paving, sidewalks, fences, and lighting, shall be a Common Area Charge and Tenant shall pay to Landlord Tenant’s Pro Rata Share of such costs as provided in Paragraph 12 below.

  • Parking Area Developer shall provide a parking area for ADOT for at least 100 vehicles 27 (85 staff/15 visitors). The parking area must be reasonably level (all-weather surface and 28 all-weather access). The parking area must include an additional lockable fenced 29 parking area to accommodate 25 ADOT vehicles.

  • Common Areas Tenant shall have the non-exclusive right to use in common with other tenants in the Project, and subject to the Rules and Regulations referred to in Article 5 of this Lease, those portions of the Project which are provided, from time to time, for use in common by Landlord, Tenant and any other tenants of the Project (such areas, together with such other portions of the Project designated by Landlord, in its discretion, including certain areas designated for the exclusive use of certain tenants, or to be shared by Landlord and certain tenants, are collectively referred to herein as the “Common Areas”). The Common Areas shall consist of the “Project Common Areas” and the “Building Common Areas.” The term “Project Common Areas,” as used in this Lease, shall mean the portion of the Project designated as such by Landlord or areas within the Project that the occupants of the Building are permitted to utilize pursuant to a recorded declaration and which areas shall be maintained in accordance with the declaration. The term “Building Common Areas,” as used in this Lease, shall mean the portions of the Common Areas located within the Building reasonably designated as such by Landlord. The manner in which the Common Areas are maintained and operated shall be at the reasonable discretion of Landlord and the use thereof shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations as Landlord may make from time to time. Landlord reserves the right to close temporarily, make alterations or additions to, or change the location of elements of the Project and the Common Areas, provided that, in connection therewith, Landlord shall perform such closures, alterations, additions or changes in a commercially reasonable manner and, in connection therewith, shall use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any material interference with Tenant’s use of and access to the Premises.