November 2013 Sample Clauses

November 2013. OASIS Standard. available at xxxx://xxxx.xxxxx- [ODL] OpenDayLight website, available at xxxxx:// [OpenFlow] OpenFlow, available at xxxxx:// [ONOS] Open Network Operating System (ONOS) website, available at xxxx:// [Openstack] Openstack website, available at xxxxx:// [Xxxxxxxx00] Xxxxxxxx, S.C., Xxxxxxxx, M., Xxxxxxxx, M., Xxxxxx, S., Engen, V., Xxxxxxx, X. and Xxxxxxx, S., 2015, March. Linking quality of service and experience in distributed multimedia systems using PROV semantics. In Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE), 2015 IEEE Symposium on (pp. 117-126). IEEE. [POINT] H2020 POINT project, available at xxxxx://xxx.xxxxx-x0000.xx/, 2017 [Pur17] X. Xxxxxxxxxxx, X. Xxxxxx, X. Xxxxxxx, “USE CASE FOR HANDLING DYNAMIC CHAINING AND SERVICE INDIRECTION”, Internet Draft, available at xxxxx:// sfc-service-indirection-00, 2017 [QUIC] QUIC, a multiplexed stream transport over UDP, available at xxxxx:// [Reed16] Xxxxxx X. Xxxx, Xxxx Xx-Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Stateless multicast switching in software defined networks, In proceedings of ICC 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Maylaysia, 2016 [SDN] Open Networking Foundation, Software-defined Networking (SDN) Definition, available at xxxxx:// [Setiawan16] Setiawan, N.Y. and Xxxxx, R., 2016. Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Selecting Semantic Web Service Considering Variability and Complexity Trade-Off. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 86(2), p.316.Vancouver [SESERV12] SESERV website, available at xxxx:// [SFC] IETF Service Function Chaining Working Group, available at xxxxx:// [SFC7665] IETF, “Service Function Chaining (SFC) Architecture”, RFC 7665, October 2015 [SPARK] xxxx:// [TM17] TM Forum, “Performance Management API REST Specification (TMF628) R14.5.1”, 2017, available at xxxxx:// on+%28TMF628%29+R14.5.1
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November 2013. The State Board will notify publishers of the State Board approval of the recommended list of learning resources for Grades K-12 English Language Arts/Reading. Failure to meet any deadline may result in the exclusion of the Publisher from the current recommendation process or in a non-responsive recommendation from the State Learning Resources Advisory Committee to the State Board.
November 2013. Parties: (1) APT (HK)
November 2013. Retrieved 13 November 2013. ^ Xxxxx, Xxxxxx (12 November 2013). "WikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of Trans-Pacific Partnership". The Guardian (UK). Retrieved 15 November 2013. ^ "Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) – Environment Chapter" (Press release). WikiLeaks. 14 January 2014. Retrieved 11 January 2014. ^ "Press Release – Updated Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) – IP Chapter (second publication)".
November 2013. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx published the white paper "Ethereum: A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application (XXxx) Platform" (Ethereum: A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application (XXxx) Platform), which announced the birth of the Ethereum blockchain network. July 2015 Ethereum was officially launched, and smart contracts laid the foundation for the creation and distribution of decentralized applications (DApps), also considered blockchain 2.0.
November 2013. 13.09825867 September 2007 .. 44.48411656 December 2013 ... 12.84021261 October 2007 .... 44.24167595 January 2014 .... 12.
November 2013. 0.00 December 2013... 0.00 January 2014.... 0.00 February 2014... 0.00 March 2014...... 0.00 April 2014...... 0.00 May 2014........ 0.00 June 2014....... 0.00 July 2014....... 0.00 August 2014..... 0.00 September 2014.. 0.00
November 2013. “The members of the EICC wish to call attention to the need for fair treatment between women and men, spur the adoption of measures aimed at reducing imbalances and, in so doing, facilitating women's progress in career and status within the company and its trade unions. They propose, as concerns the European countries in which CARREFOUR operates, the following measures: I- Analyse the place of women each year in the Group’s structures in Europe and the efforts made in order to xxxxxx their advancement. For this purpose, relevant indicators will be needed with regard to hiring, training, career promotion, actual remuneration, working conditions and work-life balance. Discussions on the indicators are to be held each year, at the EICC's annual plenary session.
November 2013. Top 10 Members Maintaining Measures Complained Against Member Number of STCs European Union 71 United States 42 Japan 29 China 22 Australia 16 Brazil 14 Xxxxxxxxx 00 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx of 13 Canada 11 Mexico 11 As of 11 November 2013 Top 10 Members Raising Specific Trade Concerns Member Number of STCs United States 82 European Union 74 Xxxxxxxxx 00 Xxxxx 00 Xxxxxx 28 Canada 24 India 14 Australia 9 Xxxxxxxx 0 Xxxxx 9 As of 11 November 2013 Case study: Cinnamon Exports from Sri Lanka • Issue first raised in October 2005, due to problems since July 2004 with refused consignments of cinnamon • Sulphur dioxide used for fumigation – detected in cinnamon • EU directive sets tolerable limits for SO2 in various foodstuffs, but not cinnamon – no “limit”, no entry • JECFA had evaluated SO2 in 1998, but no Codex standard yet (at step 3) • Major impact on cinnamon exports and, consequently, on smallholder cinnamon growers Case study: Cinnamon Exports from Sri Lanka • Raised as STC and under Monitoring the Use of International Standards • SPS Chairman wrote letter to Codex Chairman to draw attention to the matter • In July 2006, Codex standard for SO2 in herbs and spices was adopted • In October 2006, Sri Lanka reported solution had been reached through discussion with EU WTO SPS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE  e-Training Courses ― Available all year long xxxxx://  National Seminars ― Available upon request (See information in G/SPS/GEN/997/Rev.3) ― Link to application form: xxxxx://  Regional Workshops 2014 ― To be decided  2014 Advanced SPS Course (3 weeks) ― Advanced SPS Course (Spanish) – October 2014  2014 Thematic SPS Workshop ― October 2014 (on the margins of the October SPS Committee meeting) WTO SPS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Complete information on eligibility criteria, deadlines, funding, pre-requisites, and application processes and form are available from: • G/SPS/GEN/997 (latest version); and •the SPS Technical Assistance gateway at: xxxx:// Contact for SPS TA :
November 2013. Gas Connect Austria GmbH Sales Transmission FAO [responsible Key Account Manager] Floridsdorfer Xxxxxxxxxxx 0 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx This BANK GUARANTEE is issued today [date], by [name, address, etc of the Bank] („Guarantor”) in favour of Gas Connect Austria GmbH, Floridsdorfer Xxxxxxxxxxx 0, 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx („Gas Connect Austria“).