Special Circumstances Sample Clauses

Special Circumstances. An employee shall be entitled to extend the maternity leave by up to an additional six (6) consecutive weeks' leave without pay where a physician certifies the employee as unable to return to work for medical reasons related to the birth. An employee shall be entitled to extend the parental leave by up to an additional five (5) consecutive weeks' leave without pay where the child is at least six (6) months of age before coming into the employee's care and custody and the child is certified as suffering from a physical, psychological or emotional condition. Provided however, that in no case shall the combined maternity and parental leave exceed fifty-two (52) consecutive weeks following the commencement of the leave.
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Special Circumstances a) An employee is entitled to up to six (6) additional consecutive weeks of unpaid leave if, for reasons related to the birth or the termination of the pregnancy, she is unable to return to work when her leave ends under (A) above. A request for special circumstances leave pursuant to Article 38.01(C) (a) must, if required by the Employer, be accompanied by a medical practitioner’s certificate stating the expected or actual birth date or the date the pregnancy terminated or stating the reasons for requesting additional leave under this subsection.
Special Circumstances. Paragraph Q.6 does not apply in the case of an Employee who stops working because of complications caused by her pregnancy or because of a birth, still-birth or miscarriage that happens earlier than the Employee was expected to give birth.
Special Circumstances. If the form is required to be read out (whether in English or in an alternative language or dialect) to a parent/carer or Individual student; or when the consenter is an independent student and under 18 the section below must be completed.  WITNESS – for consent from an independent student or where the explanatory letter and State School Consent Form were read I have witnessed the signature of an independent student, or the accurate reading of the explanatory letter and the State School Consent Form was completed in accordance with the instruction of the potential consenter. The individual has had the opportunity to ask questions. I confirm that the individual has given consent freely and I understand the person understood the implications. Print name of witness .........................................................................................................................................
Special Circumstances a. The sale of Property is contingent upon a third party’s approval as indicated above. It shall be Seller’s responsibility to seek to fulfill any contingency or condition selected herein, if any, and ensure that the purchase and sale agreement is made subject to any such contingency or condition.
Special Circumstances. In special circumstances involving the death of a person who has raised the represented employee in lieu of a natural parent or has been a child who is being raised by the represented employee in lieu of a natural parent, the department head or designated representative may consider granting leave under this provision to the affected represented employee.
Special Circumstances. If any employee with permanent status identified for layoff is eligible for Veteran’s preference under 20 V.S.A., Section 1543, and has identical length of service and ratings with a non-veteran employee with permanent status who is identified for layoff, the latter shall be laid off before the former.
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Special Circumstances. If in any department circumstances arise relevant to working conditions, but for which no express provision is made herein, work shall proceed under conditions specified by the Company pending consideration of the question by the parties hereto.
Special Circumstances. Any clubs requesting special circumstance considerations must apply in writing to a WorkSafe AFL Victoria Country Football Development Manager annually, prior to June 30th annually.
Special Circumstances. Collective Agreement provisions for time off shall apply except as modified for the following Special Circumstances; On 10-hour day/shifts the following items will be credited for pay purposes on an hour-for-hour basis:
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