No Affiliation Sample Clauses

No Affiliation. The Trustee is not an Affiliated Person with respect to the Depositor, either of the Paired Trusts, the Administrative Agent, the Marketing Agent or any Authorized Participant, and it is not an Affiliated Person with respect to any Person who is an Affiliated Person with respect to any of the foregoing entities; further, the Trustee does not, and will not for so long as it acts as Trustee hereunder, offer or provide credit or credit enhancement to either of the Macro Trusts, except to the extent that the Trustee provides overdraft liquidity in the normal course of its custody services hereunder.
No Affiliation. The Participant represents, covenants and warrants that, during the term of this Agreement, it will not be an affiliated person of a Fund, a promoter or a principal underwriter of a Fund or an affiliated person of such persons, except to the extent that the Participant may be deemed to be an affiliated person under 2(a)(3)(A) or 2(a)(3)(C) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “1940 Act”), due to ownership of Shares. The Participant shall give prompt notice to the Distributor, Transfer Agent and the Trust of any change to the foregoing status.
No Affiliation. No Purchaser is an Affiliate or Associate (as such terms are defined in Rule 12b-2 under the Exchange Act) of any other Purchaser or is acting in concert with any other Purchaser. No Purchaser beneficially owns (as determined pursuant to Rule 13d-3 under the Exchange Act) any Securities of any other Purchaser.
No Affiliation. The Corporate party with whom the Purchaser has contracted is set forth opposite the Purchaser’s signature on the reverse hereof. Purchaser acknowledges that such Corporate party is a corporation which is separate and distinct from any other entity who or which may perform or provide similar services and trade under the name Sovereign Pest Control or a similar name.
No Affiliation. Nothing contained in this Lease shall be deemed or construed to create a partnership, joint venture or other affiliation between CITY and LESSEE or between CITY and any other entity or party, or cause CITY to be responsible in any way for the debts or obligations of LESSEE or any other party or entity.
No Affiliation. To the best knowledge of the Company, no director or officer of the Company or of any Subsidiary of the Company, or any member of the Tankxxxxxx Xxxily shown on Exhibit "C", is an officer or director of yours or is a relative of an officer or director of yours within the following categories: a son, daughter or descendant of either; a stepson, stepdaughter, stepfather, stepmother; father, mother or ancestor of either, or a spouse. It is expressly understood that for the purpose of determining any of the foregoing relationships, a legally adopted child of a person is considered a child of such person by blood.
No Affiliation. The Purchaser represents and warrants that it is not affiliated with any other Purchaser, that it has not been identified as a party to any group with any other Investor in any filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and that it not otherwise a member of an identified group that includes any other Investor.
No Affiliation. Nothing in this Nasdaq StockholdersAgreement shall be deemed to constitute the parties as partners, co-venturers or agents of each other.
No Affiliation. The Lender or any subsequent holder hereof shall in no event be construed for any purpose to be a partner, joint venturer or associate of Borrower or any lessee, operator, concessionaire or licensee of Borrower in the conduct of their respective businesses.
No Affiliation. (a) Except as expressly permitted under Section 2.1, neither Spinco nor any of its Affiliates shall (i) use any of the Pluto Licensed Marks as or in a legal or corporate name or trade name, (ii) hold itself out as “Pfizer” in the conduct of its business or (iii) hold itself out as having any affiliation, association, or relationship with Pluto or any of its Affiliates, other than as otherwise required by applicable Law.