Moves Sample Clauses

Moves. You will provide us with 45 days notice before changing location. ComEd will require you to commence service at your new location (within ComEd’s service territory) on ComEd’s BES rate and continue for a minimum of one billing cycle. To resume service from Hero Power, please register for service at as soon as you have your new ComEd account number. Hero Power, in its sole discretion, may choose to continue service under the existing Terms and Conditions, or may terminate the Agreement.
Moves. If Customer moves, it must provide at least ninety (90) days’ advance written notice and pay applicable installation charges and increased monthly service charges for the new location. If WIN cannot serve the new location, cannot install Service at the new location due to Customer’s failure to provide enough notice, or Customer terminates due to the move, cancellation charges or liquidated damages pursuant to Sec. 11 shall apply.
Moves. If you move to another location (including a move within the same building) you are not guaranteed to have Service at the new location. Your line must be re-qualified for Service at any new location and MRCs and NRCs applicable to new Service will apply.
Moves. You will give us 10 days prior notice if you plan to move or change your premises (each, a “move”). When you permanently move out of the premises to which your account relates, this Agreement will terminate along with your participation in the Pilot Program.
Moves. All moves in and out of the building must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance with Management Office. The name, phone number and contact person of the Moving Company is required. The freight elevator will be reserved for the move. If two moves occur on the same day, the freight elevator must be shared. The Moving Company must furnish a Certificate of Insurance at least 48 hours in advance of the move, naming both Landlord and Landlord’s Management Company as co-insureds. Any after-hours moves must be approved beforehand with the Management Office.
Moves. A move involves a change in the physical location of (1) the point of termination at the CLEC’s Customer’s premises or (2) the CLEC’s Customer’s premises. The charges for the move depend on whether the move is to a new location within the same building or to a different building. Moves within the same building - The charge will be an amount equal to one half of the non-recurring charges, i.e., installation charges, and all associated special construction and material charges for Service. There will be no change in TPP term requirements. Moves to a different building - Moves to a different building will incur all associated non-recurring and special construction and material charges. There will be no change in TPP term requirements. If an order to move Service provided under a TPP to a particular Customer does not meet one (1) or more of the conditions described below, it will be treated as a discontinuance of Service and the establishment of new Service and termination charges will apply. Except as noted, the monthly prices for the new Service will be those in effect at the time Service is moved. All non-recurring charges associated with the establishment of the new Service will apply. For moves or changes at the same transmission speed, CLEC may move Service for a particular Customer to a new location for that Customer, or move and change Service for that Customer to another SBC-ASI/8-STATE Service without incurring termination charges provided all of the following conditions are met: The new Service is provided solely by SBC-ASI/8-STATE on a resold basis to CLEC. CLEC's request to disconnect Service and request for new Service are received at the same time. The due date of the new connect order must be within one hundred twenty (120) calendar days after the due date of the disconnect order. The new Service has a transmission speed equal to or greater than the transmission speed of Service. For PVCs, the move must be associated with the move of one (1) or more associated interfaces. For Services provided using DS3 or above, the new Service establishes a new TPP equal to or greater than the original TPP at the former location. For other SBC-ASI/8-STATE services, the total monthly price of the new Service is equal to or greater than the total monthly price of Service. All non-recurring charges and special construction charges will apply. For moves involving upgrades in transmission speed, CLEC may move Service provided for a particular Customer to a new loc...
Moves. Customer may move its service location, whereby the original service is not considered terminated. Customer must execute a new Ordering Document for service to be established at the new location for a new Service Term equal to or longer in duration to the original Ordering Document. A move or moves may result in different monthly recurring charges. New installation charges apply. Access to INAP’s network that is considered Off-net may result in a third party early cancellation charges. Move considerations should be reviewed by the INAP representative and Customer prior to a move request. Any move request must be provided in writing upon sixty (60) daysnotice.
Moves. “Moves” means a change of (i) Site, or (ii) Point of Demarcation between the Carrier’s network and the Customer’s facilities at a Site.
Moves. You will give us 45 days notice before you move or change your Location (each, a “move”). If you move, we may, in our sole discretion: (a) end this Agreement; or (b) apply this Agreement to your new Location provided your new Location (1) is within the State of Illinois; (2) is in a Utility service territory with an gas and/or electricity choice plan; and (3) requires gas and/or electricity service. If the latter, then: (i) your new location will be aLocationboundbythisAgreement;(ii)youauthorizeustodeal with your Utility in this regard; and (iii) if Governing Law requires thatyougiveusadditionalwrittenauthorizationatthetimeofthe move, you will have the option of providing it to us or terminating the Agreement.