Medication Sample Clauses

Medication. 1. Xxxxxxx’s physician shall prescribe and monitor adequate dosage levels for each Client.
Medication. If it is necessary for a child to take medication during school hours, the following requirements must be met: ● Students may not keep medication with them. Diabetes with insulin pumps are an exception. ● Prescription medication must be in the original container with a current prescription label. ● Over-the-counter medication must be in the original container. Appropriate dosage as stated on the label will be dispensed. ● There must be written permission from the parent/guardian to administer medication to the child. Dosage, time, dates to be given and name of medication must be stated. A separate medication form needs to be completed for each medication. ● Medications are expected to be brought to school by the parent / guardian. ● Inhalers cannot be kept on the child’s person unless the student is in the 5th or 6th grade and has given a written doctor’s order to the nurse. (For severe asthma only.) ● It is recommended that liquid medicines that require refrigeration be left in the Health Center during the dates to be dispensed. Ask your pharmacist for a second container to be kept at school. ● If medication needs to be given during a field trip, please provide the nurse with an extra labeled pharmacy bottle. ● Medications brought to school and not meeting necessary requirements will not be dispensed by the nurse and will be locked in the office until a parent/guardian verifies the medication and follows the procedure or takes it home. Cough Drops must be handed in to the Nurse or teacher to dispense due to choking hazard.
Medication. An employee who reports to work after using physician prescribed medication which has caused physiological or psychological effects negatively affecting job performance and safety shall advise his/her supervisor of the medication and its effects before commencing or continuing work.
Medication. Only task certified staff members will administer medication. Parents will be required to complete AF Form 1055 daily, indicating when medications are to be administered. Medications accepted on an “as needed” basis require an annual authorization from parents in the event the medication should need to be given. If authorization has not been given, the parent will be phoned to receive authorization and it will be annotated on the AF Form 1055. All medications must be in the original container and have the following information on the prescription label: name of physician, date filled, prescription number (except for meds from the ER), child’s name, dosage amount and frequency, ending date (ex: use for 10 days or until completed). Prescriptions must be current. An annual AF Form 1055 may be completed for an epi-pen, sunscreen, and lip balm and hand lotion.
Medication. Please be vigilant about leaving any medication behind i.e. dropped pills/tablets due to the dangers they pose to very young children who are frequent guests.
Medication. 25.14.1 No unit member, except credentialed school nurses, shall be required to dispense, administer, or supervise the taking of medication by a student, or to perform medical procedures other than first-aid.
Medication. (a) The Employer agrees that controlled drugs shall only be distributed by personnel qualified by means of the established course.
Medication. 17.1. All of your drugs and medication must be handed to the senior nurse on duty or person in charge at the time of your admission.
Medication. Most medications at The Xxxxxxx Clinic are prescribed and managed by the primary care provider (PCP). In special cases, the PCP will refer to our psychiatrists and psychiatric ARNP’s for specialized medication evaluation and management. Our psychiatry prescribers focus on medication, while our clinicians focus on behavior and talk therapy. Studies show that the combination of therapy and medication is more effective than medication alone. Medication is much more effective combined with counseling. If you or your child is taking psychiatric medications, it is important that you also see one of our clinicians so that we can work as a team. If you experience changes in your symptoms, it is best to make an appointment to be seen in person rather than addressing your questions over the phone. This allows us enough time to safely and thoroughly assess your situation. In order to make the most out of your psychiatry visit, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork; make a list of your questions to concerns; Share your expectations and how we can help you; keep track of your symptoms and how they change. If you are starting a new medication and increasing the dosage, please be sure you schedule an appointment with the prescriber to discuss your response to the medication. If you have unexpected or intolerable side effects, call your provider immediately. If you need to refill your medications, contact your pharmacy or send a request through MyChart at least 24–72 business hours in advance. For benzodiazepines and stimulants, you must present in person a hard copy of your prescription from your last appointment; electronic prescriptions/refills are not accepted. If you lose your prescription for a stimulant or a benzodiazepine it cannot be replaced. For acute symptoms, patients are often seen monthly. Once you are stable your follow up care may change to every three months. Psychiatry tends to be a short-term service—we will refer your medication management back to your PCP as soon as is practical.
Medication. 10.1.If you wish to self-administer your prescription or non-prescription medications and treatment creams, then an assessment of your capability to self-medicate will be undertaken at the time of admission. If the assessment indicates that self- medication is appropriate, you or your Nominated Representative will be asked to sign an agreement recording the decision and from that time we accept no responsibility and will have no liability in such circumstances unless due to any negligence or default by us or by any of our agents or employees. The self- medicating agreement, when signed, will be placed in your file and notified to your GP. We will review the assessment on an on-going basis.