Medication Sample Clauses

Medication. An employee who reports to work after using physician prescribed medication which has caused physiological or psychological effects negatively affecting job performance and safety shall advise his/her supervisor of the medication and its effects before commencing or continuing work.
Medication. 17.1. All of your drugs and medication must be handed to the senior nurse on duty or person in charge at the time of your admission.
Medication. All Student’s prescription and nonprescription medication will remain in the custody of and be dispensed by ROP personnel in accordance with the instructions for such prescriptions throughout Student’s Program. ROP will make every reasonable effort, but is not obligated, to return any remaining medication to Student or Sponsor when Student is discharged from ROP.
Medication. If an Employee is required to dispense medication, the supervisor or administrator shall provide the Employee with specific written instructions regarding the dispensing of the medication.
Medication. No bargaining unit member shall be required to dispense or administer medication or medically-related procedures, except that during a field trip, a paraprofessional may be required to dispense or administer medication if a student needing medication cannot be assigned to the same small group the student's teacher is chaperoning. No employee will be required to perform diapering, unless part of her regular assignment.
Medication. The Student shall carry his or her prescription medication, if any, in original packaging along with the prescription. Many commonly-used U.S. drugs and medication are not available in the Host Country, and it may be difficult to have medications sent to the Student from outside of the Host Country. I acknowledge that if I try to do so, I may encounter difficulty getting them released by Host Country Customs and/or it may result in the incurrence of high customs duties.