Diagnosis Sample Clauses

Diagnosis. For a condition to be considered a covered illness or disorder, copies of laboratory tests results, X-rays, or any other report or result of clinical examinations on which the diagnosis was based, are required as part of the positive diagnosis by a physician.
Diagnosis. Group shall have sole responsibility for all --------- medical and dental history evaluation, examination, obtaining clinical records, and diagnostic procedures appropriate for complete diagnosis.
Diagnosis. In its treatment or provision of services to offenders, VENDOR shall:
Diagnosis. If a diagnosis system is included in the conversion kit, the installation manual shall contain a detailed description of such a system together with the corrective actions which may be taken in case of malfunctioning.
Diagnosis. The nature of Participant’s medical disorder and/or, as it more generally applies to Wrap OC, Participant’s mental health disorder, per the most current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association.
Diagnosis. In chapter 2 the incidence and treatment of hand and wrist injuries in Dutch emergency departments was studied. It seems that currently the incidence of hand and wrist injuries remains rather steady, yet it is expected that patient numbers will increase over time, given the ever-aging society with a growing incidence of upper extremity injuries in patients aged over 60 years(1). Despite efforts to increase the knowledge and training of practitioners treating acute hand and wrist injury in the Netherlands, the number of acknowledged claims has not decreased in the Netherlands (2). The Dutch society of plastic surgery (NVPC) states that improvements might be achieved by making better use of specialist care at an earlier stage of diagnosis, referring to plastic surgeons, orthopaedic and trauma surgeons who are skilled and certified in the field of hand and wrist pathology. This is somewhat contradictory to the suggestion in chapter 2 to shift primary presentations of hand and wrist injuries from the hospital to the first line of health care, which would result in a considerable cost reduction, along with reduction of ED overcrowding and workload, and subsequent reduced ED waiting times. The NVPC statement, which is based on insurance claims, may be subjected to selection bias by not taking into account the large numbers of patients that visit the ED unjustified, but only considers patients with serious injuries that are not properly recognized. Given the increased number of general practitioner (GP) cooperatives situated in or near a hospital, the shift of more primary presentations of hand and wrist injury to the GP is already facilitated and gradually takes place. This increased involvement of GP’s in treatment of non-complex hand and wrist injuries is in line with the discussion paper on the future organization and financing of acute care in the Netherlands (“Houtskoolschets acute zorg”) (3). Among other things, the paper proposes integrated acute care posts, where patients can go for both 1st line and 2nd line care. These integrated care posts could also improve the knowledge and the provision of low-threshold consultation with surgeons specialized in hand and wrist injuries. Another major challenge in the work up of patients with hand and wrist injuries is improving the clinical selection of patients that require imaging. Chapter 3 describes a study performed to determine the need and feasibility of a clinical decision rule for radiography in patients wi...
Diagnosis. If a third party such as an insurance company is covering or reimbursing you for all or part of your treatment cost, I will be required to provide a diagnosis on your receipt. Coverage is often based on the insurance company’s evaluation of “medical necessity.” Diagnoses are technical terms that describe the nature of your problems as well as whether they are short-term or long-term concerns. If I do use a diagnosis, I will discuss it with you. All diagnoses come from a book titled the DSM-V. Not all diagnoses meet “medical necessity” as defined by your insurance company and may not be a covered service under your insurance plan.
Diagnosis. Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 80 Europe, America, Asia, China and Australia vehicle makes.
Diagnosis. We will only cover (up to the limits