Initial Contribution Sample Clauses

Initial Contribution. The member agrees to make an initial contribution to the Company of $ .
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Initial Contribution. The capital contributions to be made by the Member and with which the Company shall begin business are as follows: Member Name Contribution Membership Interest Century Land Holdings, LLC $ 1,000.00 100 %
Initial Contribution. The initial contribution of capital to the Fund by CSFB Alternative Capital shall be represented by Units, which Units shall have the same rights as other Units held by Members.
Initial Contribution. New to the District: Educational Support Professionals new to the District and joining the sick leave pool within thirty (30) working days after completing probation must contribute four (4) hours of sick leave at the time of enrollment. • Membership subsequent to initial eligibility: Thereafter, an Educational Support Professional electing to join the sick leave pool after the date of their first eligibility must contribute the number of hours that would have been deducted had the employee joined the pool at the initial time of eligibility.
Initial Contribution. A Beneficial Owner’s Initial Contribution will be equal to the amount of cash and the value (as determined under Section 7 of this Annex I (references to Sections in this Annex I will be to Sections in this Annex I unless otherwise stated and references to Sections of the Trust Agreement will be indicated as such)) of any CERFs or Short-Term Securities contributed to the Trust, by the Beneficial Owner or its agent on the first issuance of Shares to the Beneficial Owner or its agent as described in Article II.
Initial Contribution. Upon signing this Agreement, the Charitable Donor has transferred and delivered to the Foundation the property described in the schedule attached hereto as Appendix A and made a part of this Agreement. The Fund is created and this contribution made for the purposes and uses and upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
Initial Contribution. The employee who initially enrolls in the Sick Leave Bank on or after the effective date of this Agreement shall automatically contribute one (1) day of accrued sick leave on the date that the notice of enrollment is received by the Superintendent. If no sick leave has been accrued as of that date, the first day of sick leave to be accrued shall be contributed on the first working day of the month following accrual.
Initial Contribution. A Beneficial Owner’s initial contribution will be equal to the amount of cash contributed to the Trust by the Beneficial Owner or its agent on the first issuance of Shares to the Beneficial Owner or its agent as described in Article II.
Initial Contribution. The Custodian will invest all contributions (including transfers of assets) promptly after their receipt, as set forth herein; provided, however, that the Custodian shall not be obligated to invest the Depositor’s initial contribution (or following the death of the Depositor, the Beneficiary’s initial transfer of assets) to the Custodial Account as indicated on the Application, until at least seven (7) calendar days have elapsed from the date of acceptance of the Application by or on behalf of the Custodian. The Depositor (or following the death of the Depositor, the Beneficiary) shall be deemed to have received a copy of the Disclosure Statement which accompanies this Agreement unless a request for the Disclosure Statement is made to the Custodian within seven (7) calendar days following acceptance of the Application as evidenced by notification to the Depositor in a form and manner acceptable to the Custodian.