Loss of Rent Sample Clauses

Loss of Rent. Management Fees and parking fees insurance (to the extent that there are any) due to damage caused to the structure of the Project and/or the insured property as stated in Section 1.19.1 above, due to the risks detailed in Section 1.19.1 above, for an indemnity period of 12 months. The said insurance shall include an express clause regarding waiver of the right of subrogation towards the Lessee and anyone acting on its behalf provided that the said regarding waiver of the right of subrogation shall not apply in favor of a person who caused malicious damage. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, it is hereby agreed that the Lessor and/or the Management Company shall be entitled not to take out the insurance specified in this sub-section 1.19.4 above, in whole or in part, provided that the said exemption as stated in Section 1.20 hereunder shall apply as if the insurance was fully arranged. It is hereby agreed expressly that the arrangement of the insurances specified above shall not add to the liability of the Lessor and/or the Management Company beyond the provisions set forth in the Lease Agreement and/or the Management Agreement and/or derogate from the liability of the Lessee in accordance with the said agreement (except for the provisions set forth in Section (1.20) hereunder).
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Loss of Rent. 22.1.3 third party and property owner’s liability insurance at the Building for such sum as the Landlord may from time to time consider prudent; and/or
Loss of Rent. 1. Subject to Zurich’s prior consent, We will pay any loss of rent which You suffer
Loss of Rent. Granting up indemnity to the Insured, in the quality of Landlord, for the monthly amount of insured rents that the building ceases to provide him/ her with, because it cannot, totally or partially, be occupied as a result of the occurrence of a loss covered by this policy, up to the indemnity limit set out in the Particular Conditions. This guarantee is valid for a period which is reasonably considered as necessary for the execution of works to place the insured building back to the state it was in prior to the occurrence of loss. However, such period cannot, in any case, exceed 12(twelve) months.
Loss of Rent. Deductible Unless stipulated otherwise in the Particular Conditions, this coverage is not subject to any deductible.
Loss of Rent. (This section is effective only if specified in Your Schedule) This section is extended to include loss of rent should loss or damage by an event covered under Section 1 (Premises) render the Premises unfit for occupation and the amount payable will not exceed 10% of the sum insured on the Premises for a maximum term of twelve months.
Loss of Rent. 4.1.3 such matters in relation to the Estate not otherwise specifically mentioned in this part or effected under Clause five of the Lease as the Landlord may from time to time consider prudent;
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Loss of Rent. 2.2 The Landlord shall not be obliged to insure under paragraph 2.1 if and to the extent that:
Loss of Rent. Such further rent to be payable on demand and the first payment to be in respect of the period commencing on the Insurance Rent Commencement Date up to the date of renewal of the premium concerned
Loss of Rent. The loss of rent ensuing as a consequence of damage to a property insured is covered for up to 24 months, or max. 24% of the building sum insured.
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