Living Sample Clauses

Living. WAGES Contractor, and any Subcontractor(s), shall comply with the City’s Living Wage Ordinance. The current Living Wage Standards are set forth in Exhibit “D”. Upon the City’s request, certified payroll records shall promptly be provided to the City.
Living. WAGE REQUIREMENT The Design-Builder shall abide by the City of Chicago’s Executive Order No. 2014-1, duly adopted by the Public Building Commission’s Board of Commissioners on November 12, 2014 as Resolution No. 8122, both documents of which are incorporated by reference to this Agreement. Design-Builder agrees to pay its eligible employees a minimum wage of not less than $13.00 per hour for work performed under this Agreement and further agrees to abide by all rules and regulations promulgated by the Executive Order. This applies to all subcontractors of the Design-Builder. SAMPLE
Living on-call quarters - when the Resident is required to be physically present overnight at the hospital, on-call quarters will be provided and suitably maintained and secured by the Medical Center. Such on-call quarters are to be occupied only at those times that the Resident is scheduled for on-call duty and are not to be used as a residence. No other quarters will be provided.
Living. Dining :- For 3 bed roomed flats : - 2(two) tube points, 2(two) fan points on ceiling, 1(one) power point (15 amp) for fridge, 1(one) TV point (with plug point & switch), 1(one) No. Telephone point, 1 No. calling xxxx (at entrance of the flat). Plug point (5 amp.) will have in each switchboard.
Living. In Your Home 8 What you can expect 8 Who can live in the property with you 8 Subletting 8 Activities in your home 9
Living. A-Living is a reputable property management services provider focusing on mid- to high-end properties, offering a comprehensive portfolio of services. It has three business lines, namely property management services, community value-added services and extended value-added services, and has expanded its business coverage into the whole industry chain with a diversified business portfolio, and has formed the synergetic development of four major business segments, namely “property management services”, “asset management services”, “public services” and “community commercial services”. LISTING RULES IMPLICATIONS As at the date of this announcement, Agile is the controlling shareholder of the Company, holding approximately 54% of the issued share capital of the Company. Therefore, Agile is a connected person of the Company under the Listing Rules, and the transactions contemplated under the Framework Referral Agreement constitute continuing connected transactions for the Company under Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules. As one or more of the applicable percentage ratios (other than the profits ratio) in respect of the annual cap under the Framework Referral Agreement is over 0.1% but all of which are less than 5%, the transactions contemplated under the Framework Referral Agreement is subject to the reporting and announcement requirements but exempt from the Independent Shareholdersapproval requirement under Rule 14A.76(2) of the Listing Rules.
Living. The balance, if any, and any amounts accrued after the death of all persons named in above designation shall be held for me, or in the event of my death before receipt thereof, shall be paid to the legal representative of my estate. The foregoing direction may be modified from time to time by letter signed by the undersigned and any such modification shall become effective upon receipt of such letters by you. Payments made by the Company pursuant to this direction shall fully relieve the Company from the obligation of making payments with respect thereto.
Living. 2. The university shall not be directly or indirectly liable for loss of or damage to any article of personal property anywhere on the premises due to insufficient or excessive heat, cold, smoke, fire, water, steam, electric surge, the elements, actions of third persons, or similar causes.
Living wage Are you a Living Wage Employer (or working towards) Yes No Working Towards
Living. UNIT The residency unit at Brookhaven to be occupied or occupied by Resident as specified in Article III, Section A, and any residency unit Resident may agree to occupy after the date of this Agreement. In the case of a Resident who has been transferred to the Assisted Care Unit or the Health Center (or an alternative care facility), the term refers to the residency unit occupied by the Resident prior to such transfer. A suite in the Assisted Care Unit is not a Living Unit for purposes of this Agreement. A bed within the Health Center is not a Living Unit for the purposes of this agreement. MEDICAL DIRECTOR The physician appointed by the Community to exercise administrative oversight of Resident’s medical care and supervision which the Community is obligated to provide under this Agreement.