Likewise Sample Clauses

Likewise the Board will not cause or sanction a lockout during the period of this Agreement.
Likewise the Obligors undertake to supply the Lenders (and, in the case of section 18.3.2 below, the assignee that is going to become Lender pursuant to the assignment notice) so that they may comply with money laundering regulations or the requirements and standards regarding knowledge of their clients that may apply to each of them, any additional documentation or information that may be reasonably required by any of said entities through the Agent, in the following cases:
Likewise the Tenderer shall seal the original and copy of the Financial Package in separate envelopes duly marking the envelopes as "Original" and "Copy". Both envelopes of the Financial Package shall be sealed in an outer envelope.
Likewise independently of a performer’s economic rights, and even after the transfer of those rights, the performer shall, as regards his live aural performances or performances fixed in phonograms, have the right to claim to be identified as the performer of his performances, except where omission is dictated by the manner of the use of the performance, and to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of his performances that would be prejudicial to his reputation. The above applies without prejudice to other moral rights recognized by domestic legislation.
Likewise. RFMD agrees to provide Quick Turn fabrication services to IQE solely to support the manufacturing of MBE Wafers from the MBE Facility for RFMD. RFMD agrees to provide IQE with all relevant historical Quick Turn data and to continue to supply the same data for future Quick Turn Wafers to enable precise process control and to maintain yields in the MBE process, as has been the accepted practice prior to the execution of this Agreement. The intent of the parties in the longer term is to develop an alternative approach to Quick Turn fabrication by RFMD which provides the same or similar benefits of Quick Turn, but is less disruptive to the parties' production processes, with any such changes to be implemented by mutual agreement of the parties.
Likewise the judicial authorities shall have the authority to order the infringer to pay the right holder's expenses, which may include appropriate attorney's fees. Where appropriate, the Parties may empower the judicial authorities to award compensation for profits or damages previously recognized, even if the infringer did not know or had no reasonable grounds to know that he was engaged in an infringing activity.
Likewise each Party may exclude from patentability plants and animals, except microorganisms and essentially biological processes for the production of plants or animals, other than non-biological or microbiological processes. However, the Parties shall provide for the protection of all plant varieties by patents, an effective sui generis system or a combination thereof. To the extent compatible with its legislation, without implying any commitment of adherence, each Party shall consider complying with the existing substantive provisions of the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV).
Likewise. Delco hereby confirms that the Delco Shares to be issued to them shall not be encumbered in any way and shall be issued fully paid.
Likewise the affiliates of the pension system administered by the Instituto de Normalización Previsional shall have the right to aggregate periods of insurance, in accordance with the provisions of Article 18, to qualify for the benefits provided for in the legislation applicable to them.
Likewise except for claims involving misconduct of the type specified in Wis. Stat. Sec. 180.0828(1), the Company forever waives and gives up any and all claims it may have, whether known or unknown, against you, your heirs, successors and assigns for any monetary relief for itself and any benefits or remedies that are based on any act, or failure to act, that occurred before the date you sign this Letter Agreement, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law.