Licensee Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Licensee Responsibilities a. Licensee understands and agrees that all decisions regarding the tax treatment of items reflected on tax returns prepared by Licensee using the Software are made solely by Licensee and that use of the Software does not relieve Licensee of responsibility for the preparation, accuracy, content, and review of such returns.
Licensee Responsibilities. The Licensee:
Licensee Responsibilities. 5.1 The Licensee or any other person dealing for/through it shall be responsible for compliance of various statutory laws, as applicable and rules made thereunder, including but not limited to labour related legislations with regard to licensees business. The Licensee further covenants that it shall indemnify and keep the Licensor indemnified against any claims, demands, costs, charges, expenses, losses, whatsoever that may arise in connection with the Licensed Premises on account of any wilful contravention/ breach by the Licensee, except by an act of God, natural calamities or perils or any person dealing for/through it of any regulations and laws for the time being in force.
Licensee Responsibilities. Stilog’s performance of the Services depends on Licensee’s performance of the following obligations. Stilog will not be responsible for delays in providing the Services caused by Licensee’s failure to perform these obligations.
Licensee Responsibilities. 6.1 Licensee shall promptly report to Digimarc every instance which comes to its attention of:
Licensee Responsibilities. Licensee is responsible for Licensee’s Userscompliance with this Agreement and for all uses of Licensee and its Users’ accounts with or without Licensee’s knowledge or consent. Licensee will be responsible for maintaining the security of Licensee’s accounts, passwords and files. Licensee will not, and will direct its Users not to, share or allow any third party to use Licensee’s accounts or passwords. Licensee will exercise reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized use of the Software.
Licensee Responsibilities. Licensee shall: (i) take appropriate action to ensure that non-Authorized Users do not Use the Software; (ii) ensure that all Authorized Users comply with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the restrictions set out in Section 4.1; (iii) be solely responsible for any digital assets or other content that is uploaded to the Software by Authorized Users, including compliance with any restrictions imposed by the author of the content and any violations of intellectual property rights; (iv) be solely responsible for the accuracy, integrity, legality and appropriateness of all content created by Authorized Users using the Software; and (v) Use the Software in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations (including those relating to export, homeland security, anti-terrorism, data protection and privacy) and any documentation included with the Software. Licensee shall be responsible for any breach of this Agreement by Authorized Users and any installation or Use of the Software by persons other than Authorized Users utilizing Licenses issued to Licensee. Licensee shall immediately notify SideFX of any unauthorized installation or Use of the Software.
Licensee Responsibilities. Subject to Applicable Law and this Section 6.2 (Regulatory Cooperation), Licensee will, at its sole expense, oversee, monitor, and manage all regulatory interactions, communications, and filings with, and submissions to, Regulatory Authorities with respect to the Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products in the Field in the Licensee Territory; provided that Licensee will provide Takeda with a copy of all proposed material Regulatory Materials filed with or submitted to any Regulatory Authority for Takeda’s review and comment sufficiently in advance of Licensee’s filing or submission thereof, and Licensee will reasonably consider incorporating any reasonable comments received from Takeda into such Regulatory Materials. Licensee will have final decision making authority regarding all regulatory activities, including the Labeling strategy and the content of submissions within the Licensee Territory, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, to the extent any such Regulatory Materials are not prepared in English by Licensee in the normal course of business, Licensee shall not be required to translate any such Regulatory Materials into English for the purposes of this Section 6.2.1 (Licensee Responsibilities).
Licensee Responsibilities. Licensee will provide Delphix with access to Licensee's sites and facilities during Licensee's normal business hours as reasonably required by Delphix to perform the Professional Services. Licensee will also make available to Delphix any data, information and any other materials reasonably required by Delphix to perform the Professional Services, including, but not limited to, any data, information or materials specifically identified in the statement of work (collectively, "Licensee Materials").