Legal Liability definition

Legal Liability means responsibility which courts recognize and enforce between persons who sue one another.
Legal Liability means responsibility which a court recognizes and enforces between persons who sue one another.
Legal Liability means the amount of any legal fees, final judgements and settlements that the Insured or Insured Persons are legally obliged to pay as a result of litigation against such Insured or Insured Person based on or arising out of an Insured Event.

Examples of Legal Liability in a sentence

  • Legal liability of research ethics committees and researchers (invited speaker).

  • Legal liability as provided for in sub-section D Sub-section A Property1.

  • Legal liability protection for bodily injury to or death of any person or damage to property of others for claims against the Architect arising out of accidents involving licensed vehicles owned by the Architect.

  • Liability - Legal liability of the insured to third parties for accidental bodily injury, death and/or loss of or damage to property occurring in connection with the insured’s business, subject to a limit of indemnity.

  • Legal liability of MSF’s research ethics committees and MSF researchers (invited speaker).

More Definitions of Legal Liability

Legal Liability means a legally enforceable obligation to a third party to pay damages or to make restitution in accordance with an award of a court, tribunal or a regulator under whose jurisdiction the INSURED is bound.
Legal Liability means responsibility which a court recognizes and enforces between persons who sue one another. Cov erage This insurance applies to accidents or occurrences which take place during the period this policy is in force. The amounts of insurance are shown on the Policy Declarations. Each person insured is a separate insured but this does not increase the limit of insurance. Cov erage “E” – Legal Liability We will pay all sums, which you become legally liable to pay as compensatory damages, because of unintentiona l bodily injury or property damage. The amount of insurance shown on the Policy Declarations is the maximum amount we will pay for all compensatory damages in re spect of one accident or occurrences regardless of the number of insured, against whom the clai m is made or action is brought. Defense, Settlement, and supplementary payments are in addition to the limit of insurance. You are insured for claims made against you from:
Legal Liability means your legal liability to pay compensatory damages to third parties as a direct result of accidental physical loss or damage to property or bodily injury.
Legal Liability means: any act or omission for which an Insured may be held legally liable, which may be determined and quantified by judgment of the Court or agreed with the prior written consent of the Insurers.
Legal Liability means legal responsibility to pay compensation for death, injury, loss or damage to other people or their property.
Legal Liability covers, among other things, persons authorized to sign and do business on behalf of the Lessee. b. "Insurance Against Such Other Perils" is inserted to cover changes in the insurance industry that may require changes in Lessee's coverage. The term "reasonably require" protects the Lessee from unreasonable requests by Lessor.