Leased Area Sample Clauses

Leased Area. The total number of square feet that the Lessee will have the right to occupy in exchange for the submitted rent payments must be calculated then reported. This report should be provided regardless of whether the Lessee will only occupy part of the Lessor’s property or the entire premises. (5)
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Leased Area. A. Hangar – Lessor does hereby lease to Lessee Hangar/T-Hangar more particularly describe as follows: T-6 and as shown on the “Airport Hangar Layout ” which is attached hereto and incorporated herein, all hereinafter referred to as the “Hangar” and located on the Airport. Lessee hereby leases the said Hangar from Lessor subject to the terms, considerations, and privileges stated herein.
Leased Area. City hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee takes as tenant that improved portion of real property within Rio Vista Municipal Airport described as City Hangar # at 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Rio Vista, CA 94571, and incorporated herein by reference (hereinafter referred to as “the Leased Premises”).
Leased Area. The area which will be leased for hunting is located in various areas of the compound and is specifically shown as EXHIBIT A - Maps, attached hereto.
Leased Area. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Lessee, at its sole cost and expense, shall maintain the Premises and the Premises’ improvements, in a condition acceptable to District in good condition and repair as may be worn by normal wear, tear and use, and District shall not have any responsibility therefore. For required maintenance and repairs conducted by District, Lessee shall reimburse the Harbor District for the labor, equipment, administration and materials expended to perform such work. Lessee shall keep the Premises clean and sanitary at all times. Lessee shall regularly inspect the Premises as necessary to protect the public from safety hazards, including “trip and fall” or slippery obstacles or conditions, faulty electrical wiring or connections (including unlawful use of extension cords, bare or broken and exposed wires, etc.) and the like. No offensive materials, debris, or refuse matter nor any substance constituting any unnecessary, unreasonable or unlawful fire hazard or material detrimental to the public health shall be permitted on or within the Premises or the Public Area as identified in “Exhibit A”. The Lessee shall remove graffiti from the Premises within twenty four (24) hours of discovery by Lessee or District, at Lessee’s sole expense. Lessee shall contract directly with the local utilities to provide metered electrical services to the Premises. Lessee shall be responsible for electrical conduits, conductors, grounding equipment, gas lines and all other associated devices downstream of the electric or gas meter serving the Premises. Lessee shall be responsible for all mechanical equipment, as well as ancillary connections to the equipment, including, but not limited to, electrical, gas, water, waste water, other utility service, vents, drains, supporting structures and aesthetic architectural structures. Lessee shall be responsible for all sewer plumbing upstream of the final connection to Harbor District lateral forced main sewer pipe near the Premises. Lessee is responsible for any required grease traps that are installed and which shall be maintained by the Lessee. Any through pier drains shall be in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations with regards to discharge into the ocean. Through pier drains shall always meet or exceed the standard of the District, as may be amended from time to time, including but not limited to for clearances, attachments, materials, connections and lengths. Lessee shall initiate...
Leased Area. Commission is the owner of approximately 434 acres of real property located in Port Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx County, Washington, legally described and also depicted on Exhibit A hereto, together with all appurtenances, rights, and privileges now belonging or appertaining thereto (the “Property”). Approximately 90 acres of the Property, legally described and also depicted on Exhibit B (the “Campus”), includes those buildings, grounds, common areas, parking lots, and sidewalks located on said 90 acres of the Property including, without limitation, the seventy-one (71) buildings depicted on Exhibit C (the “Buildings”) and all associated appurtenant rights and easements thereto (including the easements described below). The Campus is the lease area subject to the reservations contained in a Master Lease and subject to various deed or grant restrictions affecting the Campus. As of the date of mutual execution of that Master Lease by Commission and PDA (the “Effective Date”), Commission as landlord leased to PDA as master tenant the Campus, subject to the specific obligations, terms, and conditions. PDA’s right to use and occupy the Campus is subject to the State Reserved Rights.
Leased Area. Landlord does lease to Tenant and Tenant leases from Landlord space designated as Suite 210 thru 240 and the warehouse area as follows: Office Space - 6,143 +/- Square Feet = $7,679.00 /monthly ------------------------------------ Warehouse - 4,500 Square Feet = $2,625.00/monthly -----------------------------
Leased Area. The LESSOR does hereby lease a tract of land of approximately 1.0128 acres located at 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, as described by metes and bounds description, Laredo, Xxxx County, Texas, situated on Block No. 33, of the subdivision plat of the Laredo Airport, Volume 5, Page 1, Xxxx County Plat Records, all hereinafter referred to as the leased area, and LESSEE hereby leases the said leased area from LESSOR. The premises are leased “AS IS” and there is no expressed or implied warranty on the condition or suitability of the leased premises.
Leased Area. A. Lessor does hereby lease to Lessee property described as follows: