Fire hazard definition

Fire hazard means any situation, process, material or condition which may cause a fire or explosion or provide a ready fuel supply to increase the spread or intensity of the fire or explosion and which poses a threat to life or property;
Fire hazard means a building, premises, place, or thing that, because of its nature, location, occupancy, condition, or use, may cause loss, damage, or injury to persons or property by fire, explosion, or action of the elements.
Fire hazard means any condition, arrangement or act which increases the likelihood of fire or which may provide a ready fuel supply to augment the spread or intensity of a fire or which may obstruct, delay, hinder, or interfere with the operations of the Fire Department or the egress of occupants in the event of fire;

Examples of Fire hazard in a sentence

  • Fire hazard : Combustible liquid.Hazardous decomposition products in case of fire : Toxic fumes may be released.

  • Fire hazard : Combustible liquid.Hazardous decomposition products in case of fire : Incomplete combustion releases dangerous carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and othertoxic gases.

  • Fire hazard Not considered flammable but may burn at high temperatures.Explosion hazard Product is not explosive.Reactivity Hazardous reactions will not occur under normal conditions.

  • Fire hazard : Extremely flammable aerosol.Explosion hazard : Pressurised container: May burst if heated.

  • Fire hazard : Highly flammable liquid and vapour.Explosion hazard : May form flammable/explosive vapour-air mixture.

More Definitions of Fire hazard

Fire hazard means for the intents and purposes of this Chapter 120-3-3 and the codes and standards adopted there-under, unless more specifically stated elsewhere in this Chapter, an activity, circumstance, condition, situation, combination of materials, material process, use or improper use of heat sources, or that on the basis of applicable documentation, data, or sources deemed reliable by the authority having jurisdiction, can cause an unwanted fire, a fire out of control, an explosion, or a related condition, such as panic from a fear of smoke, fire, or explosion, that the authority having jurisdiction determines it to be a risk to persons, to property, or to the health, safety and or welfare of the jurisdiction.”
Fire hazard means a hazardous condition involving combustible, flammable, or explosive material that represents a substantial threat to life or property if not immediately abated, as declared by the county or municipal fire authority.
Fire hazard means any condition, arrangement, act or omission which:
Fire hazard means any condition, circumstance or event wherein the possibility of Fire is increased.
Fire hazard means any condition that is conducive to the destruction of life or property by fire, or will, or is likely to increase the extent or severity of the fire;
Fire hazard means anything or act which increases or may cause an increase of the hazard or menace of fire to a greater degree than that customarily recognized as normal by persons in the public service of preventing, suppressing or extinguishing fires; or which may obstruct, delay or hinder, or may become the cause of an obstruction, delay, hazard or hindrance to, the prevention, suppression or extinguishing of fires.
Fire hazard means any matter or circumstance which materially increases the likelihood of fire or the danger to life or property that would result from the outbreak of fire and includes —