Trees and Shrubs Sample Clauses

Trees and Shrubs. Not to remove cut, lop or prune any bulbs, perennials, trees or shrubs;
Trees and Shrubs. Tenants must not plant any trees or non-food producing shrubs other than permitted types of fruit trees / bushes (see restrictions on cropping). The written consent of the Council must also be sought prior to cutting or pruning any existing trees on the plot other than fruit trees.
Trees and Shrubs. No trees measuring six (6) inches or more in diameter at a point two (2) feet above ground level, no flowering trees or shrubs, nor any evergreens on any Lot may be removed without prior approval of the Architectural Review Committee unless located within ten (10) feet of the approved site for a dwelling or within the right-of-way of driveways or walkways. This provision shall not apply to damaged or dead trees which must be removed due to an emergency.
Trees and Shrubs. For a period of ninety (90) days after exercise of the Option and prior to Closing, Seller shall have the right to remove four (4) large trees and up to thirty (30) shrubs. These four large trees have a yellow ribbon tied around them.

Related to Trees and Shrubs

  • Trees City will provide maintenance to all trees on Premises, including hazardous tree removal, broken limb removal and corrective pruning. No tree shall be planted or removed without prior approval from the Parks Division.

  • Elevators Elevators for the use of all tenants and the general public for access to and from all floors of the Building, programming of elevators (including, but not limited to, service elevators), shall be as Landlord from time to time determines best for the Building as a whole.

  • Fences Except for establishment cost incurred by the United States and replacement cost not due to the Landowner’s negligence or malfeasance, all other costs involved in maintenance of fences and similar facilities to exclude livestock shall be the responsibility of the Landowner.

  • Fencing A 6-0’ galvanized, 9 gauge, 2” mesh fencing and chain link fence-with gate around perimeter electrical equipment pad locations is included. Special provisions for privacy slats, special hardware, lock sets, small fabric, etc. are not included. 4” bollards are included only in areas subject to vehicle impact. Additional bollards required by utility or other entities are excluded. Labor

  • Walls 12 Developer shall provide rustication patterns on all walls, except drainage headwalls, in Aesthetic 13 Area 3 in accordance with Exhibit L2.24 of the LAADCR. The final designs shall resemble these 14 simulations.

  • Landscaping Maintaining, tending and cultivating and (as necessary) re-stocking any garden or grassed areas including replacing plants, shrubs and trees as necessary.

  • Restrooms The restrooms, toilets, urinals, vanities and the other apparatus shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed, and no foreign substance of any kind whatsoever shall be thrown therein. The expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from the violation of this rule shall be borne by the Tenant whom, or whose employees or invitees, shall have caused it.

  • Windows Windows in the Premises shall not be covered or obstructed by Lessee. No bottles, parcels or other articles shall be placed on the windowsills, in the halls, or in any other part of the Building other than the Premises. No article shall be thrown out of the doors or windows of the Premises.

  • Common Areas - Rules and Regulations Lessor or such other person(s) as Lessor may appoint shall have the exclusive control and management of the Common Areas and shall have the right, from time to time, to establish, modify, amend and enforce reasonable Rules and Regulations with respect thereto in accordance with Paragraph 40. Lessee agrees to abide by and conform to all such Rules and Regulations, and to cause its employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, contractors and invitees to so abide and conform. Lessor shall not be responsible to Lessee for the non-compliance with said rules and regulations by other lessees of the Industrial Center.

  • Doors Doors for entrance to and exit from the Premises shall be kept closed at all times, except when in use for entering or exiting the Premises.