Intermediaries Sample Clauses

Intermediaries a. Subject to Clause 15 if either party uses the services of an intermediary to transmit, log, store or process Messages, that party shall be responsible for any acts, failures or omissions by that intermediary in its provision of the said services as though they were his own acts, failures or omissions. The Authority shall be liable as between the Authority and the Contractor for any acts, failures or omissions of DECS in its provision of the services of an intermediary as though they were the acts, failures or omissions of the Authority.
Intermediaries. (a) We agree to provide the requested Shareholder Information that is on our books and records to you promptly, but in any event not later than 10 Business Days after receipt of a good order request given in accordance with Paragraph 2 above, which shall contain the fund account number, CUSIP, trade amount and date. If you so request, we agree to use best efforts to promptly determine whether any specific person, identified by you from the requested Shareholder Information, is itself an Indirect Intermediary. Upon your further request, which must be given in accordance with Paragraph 2 above, we agree to use best efforts either to: (i) provide (or arrange to have provided) the requested Shareholder Information from the Indirect Intermediary; or (ii) if the Indirect Intermediary refuses to provide the requested Shareholder Information and you so direct us in writing, restrict or prohibit further purchases of Fund shares by such Indirect Intermediary through the Account. We agree to inform you whether we plan to perform (i) or (ii).
Intermediaries. (a) Buyer and Seller acknowledge and agree that Seller’s Broker (as defined in the Basic Terms) has acted as a broker in connection with this transaction on behalf of Seller. Upon Closing, Seller agrees to pay a brokerage commission to Seller’s Broker pursuant to a separate agreement between Seller and Seller’s Broker. Seller and Buyer agree that Buyer has not engaged a broker with respect to the transaction contemplated in this Agreement and that Buyer is not responsible in any way for Seller’s Broker fees and/or commissions. All brokerage fees are to be paid through Escrow Holder at Closing as a Closing Cost.
Intermediaries. (a) Seller represents to Buyer, and Buyer represents to Seller, that there are no fees owed to any broker, finder, or intermediary of any kind with whom such party has dealt in connection with this transaction. If any claim is made for broker’s or finder’s fees or commissions in connection with the negotiation, execution or consummation of this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby, each party shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the other party from and against any such claim based upon any statement, representation or agreement of such party, which obligation shall survive Closing.
Intermediaries. Bank may act on any Communication and provide the RDC Services using any payment system or intermediary organization it reasonably selects ("Association"). Bank may engage third parties to provide some or all of the RDC Services. Bank shall have no obligation to disclose arrangements with third parties to Company or obtain Company's consent thereto. Company authorizes the transfer of information relating to Company to agents of Bank or Company for use in connection with the RDC Services or as required by law.
Intermediaries. In the case where I am/we are intermediaries, if I am/we are aware that my/our client is acting as intermediary for its underlying client(s), and I/we do not know the identity, address, occupation and contact details of the underlying client for whom the dealing was effected, I/we confirm that:-
Intermediaries. We may engage Intermediaries selected in our complete discretion to make the transfer. We shall not be liable to you for any such selection made by CIBC, the Recipient, or another Intermediary.
Intermediaries. No broker, finder, advisor or intermediary will be entitled to any fee, commission or other payment from any Acquired Company in connection with or as a consequence of the transactions contemplated in this Agreement or the consummation thereof.
Intermediaries. The Plan’s Financial Professional, Registered Investment Advisor and/or TPA (together “Authorized Intermediaries”) will have access to and may direct the Service Provider to provide Plan Information. The Service Provider is not responsible for an Authorized Intermediary’s treatment or use of Plan Information. The confidentiality of such information and data and the permitted use of such information by an Authorized Intermediary will be subject to the terms of the Plan’s agreements with the Authorized Intermediary. The Service Provider will not determine whether the use of and access to Plan Information is permitted under the terms of the Plan’s service agreements with the Authorized Intermediary. The Plan’s Authorized Intermediaries may engage affiliates and subcontractors in connection with their services to the Plan. For example, a Financial Professional may engage a subcontractor for purposes of providing benchmarking services. Such affiliates and subcontractors may need to receive or access Plan Information. The Service Provider will follow directions from the Plan’s Authorized Intermediaries to provide Plan Information to third parties. Regulatory or Legal Disclosure The Service Provider may also disclose Plan Information as may be required by law or by order of any government agency, regulatory body or court of competent jurisdiction without the prior consent of the Employer. The Service Provider may also disclose Plan Information in any administrative or judicial forum involving a dispute under this Agreement.