The Reinsurer Sample Clauses

The Reinsurer. The Reinsurer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, and its respective officers, directors and employees from and against any and all demands, actions, proceedings, suits (by any Person) and liabilities, paid or incurred (including reasonable attorneys' fees), resulting from or arising out of the breach of or failure to perform any of the duties, obligations, covenants or agreements of the Reinsurer contained in this Assumption Agreement.
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The Reinsurer or General Agent shall not insert any advertisement respecting the Company or the business to be written under this Agreement in any publication or issue any circular or paper referring to the Company or such business without first obtaining the written consent of the Company. The Reinsurer and/or General Agent shall establish and maintain records of any such advertising as required by applicable statutes and regulations.
The Reinsurer. (a) acknowledges that it has been notified that the Insurer has assigned by way of first ranking security to the Senior Secured Parties all of its right, title and interest in this reinsurance and in the subject matter of the reinsurance;
The Reinsurer. B. The liability of the Reinsurer for automatically ceded reinsurance shall commence simultaneously with that of the Ceding Company. The liability of the Reinsurer for reinsurance ceded automatically shall terminate simultaneously with that of the Ceding Company’s liability or as specified in accordance with the provisions of Article IV –Premiums, Payments and Reports or Article X
The Reinsurer. (2) On or after the , the Reinsurer and the Ceding Company amended the Agreements by, among other things, providing for the establishment of .

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  • Plan of Reinsurance A. Reinsurance of Life risks shall be on the risk premium basis. The risk amount on the policy reinsured shall be calculated monthly and shall be equal to the death benefit less the cash value. At the time of issue, the Ceding Company shall cede to the North American Re the portion of the initial risk amount in excess of its retention thereafter, the Ceding Company and the North American Re shall keep the same proportionate shares of the risk amount developed each month.

  • Other Reinsurance The Company shall be permitted to carry other reinsurance, recoveries under which shall inure solely to the benefit of the Company and be entirely disregarded in applying all of the provisions of this Contract.

  • FACULTATIVE REINSURANCE For Facultative reinsurance, the Reinsurer’s liability will commence at the same time as the Ceding Company’s liability, provided that the Reinsurer has made a binding Facultative offer and that offer was accepted, during the lifetime of the insured, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

  • Reinsurance The Contractor shall purchase reinsurance from a commercial reinsurer and shall establish reinsurance agreements meeting the requirements listed below. The Contractor shall submit new policies, renewals or amendments to OMPP for review and approval at least one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days before becoming effective.  Agreements and Coverage  The attachment point shall be equal to or less than $200,000 and shall apply to all services, unless otherwise approved by OMPP. The Contractor electing to establish commercial reinsurance agreements with an attachment point greater than $200,000 must provide a justification in its proposal or submit justification to OMPP in writing at least one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days prior to the policy renewal date or date of the proposed change. The Contractor must receive approval from OMPP before changing the attachment point.  The Contractor’s co-insurance responsibilities above the attachment point shall be no greater than twenty percent (20%).  Reinsurance agreements shall transfer risk from the Contractor to the reinsurer.  The reinsurer's payment to the Contractor shall depend on and vary directly with the amount and timing of claims settled under the reinsured contract. Contractual features that delay timely reimbursement are not acceptable.  The Contractor shall maintain a plan acceptable to the IDOI commissioner for continuation of benefits in the event of receivership. The Contractor must finance the greater of $1,000,000 or total projected costs as calculated by the form set forth in 760 IAC 1-70-8.  The Contractor shall obtain continuation of coverage insurance (insolvency insurance) to continue plan benefits for members until the end of the period for which premiums have been paid. This coverage shall extend to members in acute care hospitals or nursing facility settings when the Contractor’s insolvency occurs during the member’s inpatient stay. The Contractor shall continue to reimburse for its member’s care under those circumstances (i.e., inpatient stays) until the member is discharged from the acute care setting or nursing facility.  Requirements for Reinsurance Companies  The Contractor shall submit documentation that the reinsurer follows the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) Reinsurance Accounting Standards.  The Contractor shall be required to obtain reinsurance from insurance organizations that have Standard and Poor's claims- paying ability ratings of "AA" or higher and a Xxxxx’x bond rating of “A1” or higher, unless otherwise approved by OMPP.  Subcontractors  Subcontractors’ reinsurance coverage requirements must be clearly defined in the reinsurance agreement.  Subcontractors should be encouraged to obtain their own stop-loss coverage with the above-mentioned terms.  If subcontractors do not obtain reinsurance on their own, the Contractor is required to forward appropriate recoveries from stop- loss coverage to applicable subcontractors.

  • BASIS OF REINSURANCE Reinsurance under this Agreement will be on the Yearly Renewable Term basis on the portion of each policy that is reinsured as described in Schedule A.

  • Reinsurance Agreements In consideration of the premium stated herein, the Underwriter does hereby agree with the Named Insured to reinsure the Named Insured's insurance policies which provide coverage to the Assured, to the extent hereinafter set forth:

  • Automatic Reinsurance For automatic reinsurance, the Reinsurer's liability will commence at the same time as the Ceding Company's liability, including liability under any conditional receipt or temporary insurance provision.

  • Separate Insurance Borrower shall not take out separate insurance contributing in the event of loss with that required to be maintained pursuant to this Section 6.1 unless such insurance complies with this Section 6.1.

  • BUSINESS REINSURED 19 SCHEDULE B................................................................. 20

  • Credit for Reinsurance Retrocessionaire shall take all actions reasonably necessary, if any, to permit Retrocedant to obtain full financial statement credit in all applicable U.S. jurisdictions for all liabilities assumed by the Retrocessionaire pursuant to this Agreement, including but not limited to loss and loss adjustment expense reserves, unearned premium reserves, reserves for incurred but not reported losses, allocated loss adjustment expenses and ceding commissions, and to provide the security required for such purpose, in a form reasonably acceptable to Retrocedant. Any reserves required by the foregoing in no event shall be less than the amounts required under the law of the jurisdiction having regulatory authority with respect to the establishment of reserves relating to the relevant Reinsurance Contracts. For purposes of this Article XIX, such "actions reasonably necessary" may include, without limitation, the furnishing of a letter of credit or the establishment of a custodial or trust account, as permitted under applicable law, to secure the payment of the amounts due the Retrocedant under this Agreement.

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