Inserts Sample Clauses

Inserts. For customers who have elected to receive paperless billing, inserts shall be sent to the customer electronically via email along with the billing statement. Contractor will no longer send them paper inserts and will not charge the City of Bend the cost of paper insert.
Inserts. Subject to the guidelines established by American, the existence of sufficient space to place the insert in the U.S. AAdvantage Summary envelope, and American's mailing schedule, Carrier may have the option to include insert(s) in the U.S. AAdvantage Summary pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in this Section 7.c. If, in response to request, American informs Carrier that space is available for a Carrier insert in a specific U. S. AAdvantage Summary mailing, Carrier, at its sole cost and expense, shall create, produce and deliver to American any insert(s) no less than five (5) Business Days prior to the proposed date of mailing of the relevant U.S. AAdvantage Summary. American shall have the right to approve the form and content of each Carrier insert. American shall pay the costs associated with incorporating the proposed Carrier insert into the U.S. AAdvantage Summary envelope, provided the insert does not increase postal charges or require special handling by the mailing vendor. In the event that such insert will require extra postage or any additional or special handling charges (collectively "Extra Charges"), Carrier shall have the option (i) to pay such Extra Charges, (ii) to reschedule the insert to another U.S. AAdvantage Summary mailing when no Extra Charges will be required (provided space is available in such mailing), or (iii) to cancel the insert in the event Carrier decides to proceed and pay the Extra Charges, American will provide Carrier with an invoice, itemizing the Extra Charges, and the total amount of such invoice will be due and payable by Carrier to American no later than thirty (30) days following the date of the invoice. In the event Carrier chooses not to include any insert previously requested and accepted for mailing, then Carrier shall provide American with written notice of such cancellation not less than sixty (60) days prior to the previously requested mailing date. Nothing herein shall be construed as giving Carrier the right to include an insert in any, or any particular, U.S. AAdvantage Summary mailing.
Inserts. IFSI will insert in shipments such literature as ------- may from time to time specify and provide to IFSI. The fee for standard inserts, which is one piece no larger than an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, will be [***] for set-up fee of each item and [***] per insertion. Non-standard --- --- inserts are quoted on an individual basis. IFSI will insert in shipments only material which has received prior written approval from
Inserts. The Customer Assignment states whether inserts are to be inserted with the mail items. Inserts must follow the guidelines stated in the document Instructions Inserts, applicablefrom time to time and available according to section 9.
Inserts. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by SELLER, inserts shall be supplied by BUYER, delivered to SELLER'S plant, all charges prepaid. The quantity furnished shall exceed by ten percent (10%) the number required to fill the order for the goods. Inserts furnished by BUYER must be uniform, accurate to specifications and free from burrs and shall be subject to SELLER’S approval as to suitability for the molding and/or assembly process. SELLER shall not be liable for damages to molds, dies or fixtures caused by inserts, nor shall SELLER be liable for defects in goods in which inserts are used.
Inserts. A.Printing Services
Inserts. The Service shall provide and update the Service’s CD-ROM titled "INSERTS" to all Local Presidents and all Council Officers. The Union shall provide the Headquarters Labor and Employee Relations Policy Section with a list of those officials (including addresses) of all officials who are to receive "INSERTS".
Inserts. 1 Inserts shall be malleable iron case or galvanised steel shell and expander plug for threaded connection with lateral adjustment, top slot for reinforcing rods, lugs for attaching to forms. .2 Size inserts to suit threaded hanger rods.