Insects Sample Clauses

Insects. You agree that while We will reasonably attempt to ensure that the Room is insect free, We are not responsible for any insect infestation that may occur after the Commencement Date.
Insects. There is no refund for the presence of typical mountain creatures. Please be aware that you are coming to stay in the middle of the woods. While we have our cabins treated on a regular basis, it is likely that you will see bugs during your stay. We are not able to refund your reservation if you see bugs or spiders during your stay. ITEMS LEFT BEHIND – Mountain Creek Cabins is not responsible for personal items left behind in cabins. At your request, our staff will pick up and mail items to you. Your items will be returned COD plus a $20 handling fee will be charged to your credit card. VIOLATION OF AGREEMENT/CONTRACT. Agent(s) reserves the right to remove renter without refund if any of the above agreed upon items are not met. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE IN THE EVENT A PERSON IS REQUIRED TO VACATE THE PREMISES BECAUSE OF DISRUPTIVE CONDUCT OR FAILURE TO FOLLOW OUR RENTAL GUIDELINES AND POLICIES.
Insects. The landlord has had a professional exterminate the premises who has certified the premises free of insects, including roaches, termites and ants. Tenant agrees to continue an effort to keep the home insect free. This includes keeping trash sealed and covered and food residue or spillover promptly cleaned. If evidence of infestation occurs, the tenant agrees to notify the landlord immediately.
Insects. Herbivorous and detritivorous insects operate in the supratidal portions of mangrove trees and rarely extend their activities into the intertidal zone. The diversity of insect leaf consumers has been best described from mangroves of Singapore (Murphy 1990). Cerambycid beetle larvae consume the cambium, phloem, and outer xylem of Rhizophora stems (Feller 2002) and cause characteristic bark scars on trunks of dead Excoecaria (Cragg & Hendy 2010). Arboreal termites, such as the higher termite Nasutitermes, build carton nests above the reach of tides with foraging tunnels extending along stems and branches (Vane et al. 2013). They consume xylem, which isdigested with a battery of endogenous and microbial enzymes provided by bacterial and protist endosymbionts, enabling them to digest xylans as well as cellulose (Tokuda et al. 2018).
Insects. Sitophilus zeamais adults were obtained from the phytosanitary laboratory of the Food Technology Institute (ITA, Dakar, Senegal) in March 2017. Insects were lab-reared on maize grains (HVB1 variety) in our facilities (Entomology and Acarology laboratory,UCAD-FST, Dakar, Senegal). Glass jars (15 cm height and 8 cm diameter) were each filled with 250 g of maize grains, then 50 unsexed adults were introduced into each jar. After 14 days, adults were removed from grains. Infested grains were incubated in an insectarium under ambient temperature (25-35 ˚C) and relative humidity (70-80%) until newly adults emerged. Two- day-old adults from the 6th lab-reared generation were used for experiments.
Insects. Nebraska continues to have small outbreaks of Hessian fly and the diseases vectored by aphids (barley yellow dwarf virus). In 2018, wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) and others viruses vectored by mites or aphids were generally minor. The wheat stem sawfly continues to be pervasive throughout the Nebraska Panhandle and led to crop losses wherever there was severe weather before harvest due to extensive lodging and stem breakage.
Insects. Antigua is a tropical island and as such insects and small creatures are inevitable and are not a cause for complaint. Please do not leave food on counter tops or in the pool area. Clean up spills immediately and do not eat in the bedrooms. We advise you to keep all windows and doors closed whenever possible; not only will this help to keep bugs from the property, but it will also enable the air conditioning units to function more efficiently. Please do not leave the air conditioning running when the property is vacant. Failure to comply with this request may result in the loss of your security deposit.
Insects. Lessee shall bear all costs and liabilities associated with the eradication of bed bugs or roaches. Under no circumstance shall lessor be liable for bed bugs. Lessor shall assume responsibility for other pests. The parties agree to execute a Bed Bug Addendum to this agreement, which is incorporated herein as if fully rewritten.
Insects. The forest tent caterpillar and the spruce budworm have been the most visible forest insect over the past few years. Both of these insects defoliate the tree and can cause tree mortality over a number of years of infestation.
Insects. LSOG constanta LSOG gaina Nonfederal landsdisturbanceNorthwest Forest Plan—the First 15 Years (1994–2008): Status and Trends of Late-Successional and Old-Growth ForestsGENERAL TECHNICAL REPORT PNW-GTR-853