Obstruction Sample Clauses

Obstruction. The sidewalks, entries, passages, corridors, halls, lobbies, stairways, elevators and other common facilities of the Building shall be controlled by Landlord and shall not be obstructed by Tenant or used for any purposes other than ingress or egress to and from the Premises. Tenant shall not place any item in any of such locations, whether or not any such item constitutes an obstruction, without the prior written consent of Landlord. Landlord shall have the right to remove any obstruction or any such item without notice to Tenant and at the expense of Tenant. The floors, skylights and windows that reflect or admit light into any place in said Building shall not be covered or obstructed by Tenant.
Obstruction. Do any act, deed or thing whereby the rights of occupiers of other Units in the building in which the Said Apartment is situated is unreasonably interfered or obstructed and shall do all acts, deed and things for the purpose of maintaining decency of the Said Apartment.
Obstruction. 1. The Lessee will not obstruct or permit the obstruction of any part of the Property or the Common Areas or any appurtenances or conveniences in the Property. Without limiting the generality or enforceability of the foregoing obligation, the Lessee acknowledges that the Lessor will be entitled to remove and store at the Lessee's risk and expense any item(s) left or placed by or on behalf of the Lessee in the Common Areas.
Obstruction. Pay all charges and expenses of every kind and nature whatsoever incidental to the use and operation of the Haewene Brim Equipment under this Agreement and, if the Haewene Brim or any part thereof becomes a wreck or an obstruction to navigation, any costs and expenses arising which may be incurred by or made or asserted against the Lessor in connection with or as a consequence of the removal or destruction of the wreck or obstruction, provided that PPC shall have the right to contest in good faith any such charge or expense (and no person employed to control or operate the Haewene Brim (or any part thereof) shall be deemed to be a servant of the Lessor for any purpose whatsoever) and to this end the Lessor shall upon receipt of the written request from PPC not unreasonably refuse to lend to PPC, at PPC's expense, all necessary assistance in connection with any litigation, arbitration or other administrative proceedings to which PPC may be a party or in which PPC may be otherwise involved in connection with the contest of the validity or amount of such charge or expense including, but without limitation, permitting the use of its name in any such litigation, arbitration or other administrative proceedings if reasonably required to do so by PPC.
Obstruction. 17. Not to leave or park or permit to be left or parked so as to cause any obstruction in or on any approach roads or passageways adjacent or leading to the Property any motor car motor cycle bicycle perambulator or other vehicle belonging to or used by the Tenant or by any of their friends servants or visitors and to observe all requests made by the Landlord from time to time relating to the parking of such vehicles.
Obstruction. Host obstructs commencement of installation of the Project or fails to take any actions necessary for the interconnection of the Project, or fails to take electric energy produced by the Project, and fails to correct such action within fifteen
Obstruction. Tenant shall not obstruct or place anything in or on the sidewalks or driveways of the Office Park or in the lobbies or corridors of the Building, or use such locations for any purpose except ingress to and egress from the Premises without Landlord’s prior written consent. Landlord may remove, at Tenant’s expense, any such obstruction or thing (unauthorized by Landlord) without notice or obligation to Tenant.