Windows definition

Windows shall be construed accordingly;
Windows. Powder Coated Aluminum sliding windows protected with Pin head glass secured with MS Xxxxx. • Water supply : Water supply by Sump well/ Over-head tanks. • Electrification : Concealed conduit copper wire wiring with ISI Xxxx Xxxx quality Electrical fittings.
Windows means separate accounts in the Trust Fund for which separate financial reporting is provided to the Steering Committee, such as the Lebanon/Jordan Window and any Country Windows.

Examples of Windows in a sentence

  • Apple and Windows phone users can download the app from the App Store and the Windows Phone Store respectively.

  • Windows, external doors and joineryRepair category1NotesWindows were not all fully opened or tested, and it should be appreciated that some defects are only evident during certain weather conditions.

  • Minimum Requirements at Bidders end Computer System with good configuration (Min P IV, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP) Broadband connectivity.

  • Windows, external doors and joineryRepair category1NotesNo significant defects evident.

  • The m-Voting app can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple and Windows phone.

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Windows or "energy-efficient windows" means new or replacement windows that are Energy Star qualified under federal guidelines or for windows for nonresidential structures it means windows of reasonably similar energy performance to Energy Star windows.
Windows means any type of window, including dormer and velux windows.
Windows. Windows XP", and/or other Microsoft products are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are owned by respective owners of the software. Noright, license, or interest to such trademarks is granted hereunder, and you agree that no such right, license, or interest shall be asserted by you with respect to such trademarks.
Windows. Sliding Aluminium windows with large panes.
Windows aluminum framed with 1” insulated glass per previous architectural drawings and sketch plan (champagne clear anodized) · Entrance: 8’ x 9’ wide with glass entrance door per previous architectural drawings and sketch plan LIGHTING
Windows. The Tenant shall observe strict care not to allow windows admitting light into the Premises to be opened or remain open so as to admit rain or snow, or so as to interfere with the heating of the Premises or the air conditioning of the Premises or of the Building. The Tenant will be responsible for any injury caused to the property of other tenants or to the property of the Landlord by failure on the part of the Tenant to observe this rule.
Windows. All exterior windows will have 3" perforated PVC vertical blinds in type and color selected by architect. No interior blinds provided. NOTE: TELEPHONE WIRING, DATA WIRING, SECURITY SYSTEM, AND DEDICATED HVAC SYSTEMS, ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PROPOSED WORK. EXHIBIT D WORK CHANGE ORDER Lease Date: __________________________ Date: ________________________________ Landlord: ____________________________ Work Change Order No.: _______________ Tenant: ______________________________ Building Address: ____________________ Premises: ____________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Tenant directs Landlord to make the following additions to Landlord's work: Description of additional work: Work Change Orxxx Xxxxnt: ________________________________________________________________________________ Amount of Previous Work Change Orders: This Work Change Order: Total Amount of Work Change Orders : Landlord approves this Work Change Order and Tenant agrees to pay tx Xxxxxxrd the Total Amount of Work Change Orxxxx xt the earlier of ten days following receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy of the premises or occupancy of the premises by Tenant. Tenant: Landlord: By: _____________________________ By: ____________________________ Title: __________________________ Title: _________________________ EXHIBIT E FORM OF LETTER OF CREDIT BENEFICIARY: ISSUANCE DATE:_______________, ____ ____________________ IRREVOCABLE STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT NO.________ ACCOUNTEE/APPLICANT: MAXIMUM/AGGREGATE CREDIT AMOUNT: ___________________ USD $_________ ___________________ ___________________ GENTLEMEN: We hereby establish our irrevocable letter of credit in your favor for account of the applicant up to an aggregate amount not to exceed _______________________ US Dollars ($____________) available by your draft(s) drawn on ourselves at sight accompanied by: Your statement, signed by a purportedly authorized officer/official certifying that the Beneficiary is entitled to draw upon this Letter of Credit (in the amount of the draft submitted herewith) pursuant to Section 4.4 of the lease (the "Lease") dated _______ __, _____ by and between ______________,as Landlord, and _______________, as Tenant, relating to the premises at___________________. Draft(s) must indicate name and issuing bank and credit number and must be presented at this office. You shall have the right to make partial draws against this Letter of Credit, from time to time. Ex...