Initiation Sample Clauses

Initiation written request. To initiate the review, the claimant, within 60 days after receiving the Bank’s notice of denial, must file with the Bank a written request for review.
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Initiation written request. To initiate the review, the claimant must file with the Administrator a written request for review within 60 days after receiving the Administrator’s notice of denial.
Initiation. A grievance may be filed in writing within fifteen (15) days of the occurrence of the event which initiated the grievance or when the grievant reasonably would have had knowledge thereof. Failure to file within the time limits prescribed herein constitutes a waiver of the right to file for that particular occurrence. The written grievance shall state the clause or clauses of the contract allegedly violated and the proposed remedy requested.
Initiation. Arbitration of Arbitrable Claims shall be in accordance with the Employment Rules and Mediation Procedures of the American Arbitration Association as amended (“AAA Employment Rules”), as augmented in this Agreement. Arbitration shall be initiated as provided by the AAA Employment Rules, although the written notice to the other party initiating arbitration shall also include a statement of the claim(s) asserted and the facts upon which the claim(s) are based. Either party may bring an action in court to compel arbitration under this Agreement and to enforce an arbitration award.
Initiation written claim. The claimant initiates a claim by submitting to the Administrator a written claim for the benefits. If the claim relates to the contents of a notice received by the claimant, the claim must be made within 60 days after the notice was received by the claimant. All other claims must be made within 180 days after the date of the event that caused the claim to arise. The claim must state with particularity the determination desired by the claimant.
Initiation. The Contractor shall ensure the needs of the State are adequately defined, by engaging with the State in High-level discussions on phase deliverables during Project Initiation and identify priorities that need to be completed through the implementation for a smooth transition. Additionally, the high-level barriers, potential problems, and roles and responsibilities of the project shall be summarized at this time.
Initiation. If the Company proposes to register (including for this purpose a registration effected by the Company for stockholders other than the Investors) any of its stock in connection with a public offering of such securities for cash (other than an Exempt Registration), the Company shall, at such time, promptly give each Investor notice of such registration. Upon the written request of each Investor given within 20 days after receipt by such Investor of the Company's notice, the Company shall, subject to the provisions of Section 2.2(b), cause to be registered all of the Registrable Securities that each such Investor has requested to be registered.
Initiation. A party seeking to initiate the procedures shall give written notice to the other party, describing briefly the nature of the dispute. A meeting shall be held between the parties within 10 days of the receipt of such notice, attended by individuals with decision-making authority regarding the dispute, to attempt in good faith to negotiate a resolution of the dispute.
Initiation. In the event that Licensor advises Licensee in writing of a substantial infringement of the patents/copyrights included in the Licensed Patent Rights by a third party, Licensee may, but is not obligated to, bring suit or suits through attorneys of Licensee’s selection with respect to such infringement. In the event Licensee fails to defend any declaratory judgment action brought against any patent or patents of the Licensed Patent Rights, Licensor on written notice to Licensee may terminate the License as to the particular patent or patents involved in such declaratory judgment action.