Hold Sample Clauses

Hold. A restriction on payment of all or any part of the balance in an account.
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Hold. Harmless Owner shall defend (with counsel reasonably acceptable to City), indemnify and hold City and its councilpersons, officers, attorneys, agents, contractors, and employees (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) harmless from and against all losses, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneysfees and costs), damages (including, without limitation, consequential damages), claims and liabilities to the extent arising from the Project, this Agreement, the approval of the Project, and the activities of Tenants, their members, officers, employees, agents, contractors, invitees and any third parties on the Cannabis Center Site, from and against any challenges to the validity of this Agreement or other Project Approvals; provided, Owner shall have no such obligation arising from the negligence or wrongful misconduct of the Indemnified Parties. To the extent that Owner sells a portion of the Project to a Buyer, that Xxxxx and its successors in interest shall bear the responsibility of Owner under this Section 6.3 rather than Owner or any other Buyer. The obligations of Owner under this Section shall survive the expiration or any earlier termination, as applicable, of this Agreement.
Hold. Due to space limitation, we have to omit the proofs and refer the reader to [21]. Sc a1(x(t′)) δ ε Hε(x(t′)) b1(x(t′))
Hold. Iomega may at any time direct Venture to hold the Long Lead Time Components in inventory to be used to fulfill future Purchase Orders. If Iomega does so, beginning three (3) months after the last date on which the Authorized Long Lead Time Components would have been used had Iomega submitted Purchase Orders in accordance with this Agreement for which those Authorized Long Lead Time Components would have been used to fulfill, Iomega shall pay an inventory carrying charge determined by applying an annual rate equal to LIBOR plus [**]% to the total value of the Authorized Long Lead Time Components being held by Venture. For purposes of the foregoing sentence, the total value of the Authorized Long Lead Time Components shall be the monthly averaged cost of materials of such components. Additionally, the applicable LIBOR rate shall be that rate in effect on the first business day of each month in which the provisions of this subsection apply. Venture will invoice Iomega on a monthly basis for any amounts due, and Iomega shall pay such amounts within [**] days after receipt of invoice. Venture shall use commercially reasonable efforts to use the Authorized Long Lead Time Components to fulfill future Purchase Orders issued by Iomega. Venture shall not in any event be obliged to hold any Authorized Long Lead Time Components for more than a total of nine (9) months and if any Authorized Long Lead Time Component remain unused after this period, Iomega shall at Venture's request purchase the authorized Long Lead Time Components at a price equal to that paid by Venture to the supplier of such Authorized Long Lead Time Components (without prejudice to Iomega's obligation to pay the inventory carrying charge as aforesaid) in which event Iomega shall own and have the right to control the disposition of such Long Lead Time Components.
Hold. A restriction on payment of all or any part of the balance in an Account. Memo Posted Credits: Any pending credits posted to the Account for a given Business Day. For example, ACH credit transactions and wire transfers. Memo Posted Debits: Any pending debits posted to the Account for a given Business Day. For example ACH debit transactions, wire transfers, and teller cashed checks. Payment Instruction: is the information provided for a payment to be made under the applicable Service, which may be further defined and described below in connection with a specific Service. Payment Network: means a debit or credit network (such as the ACH Network or ACCEL / Exchange payment network) through which funds may be transferred. Service Guarantee: The amount for which Bank’s Service Providers will bear responsibility in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement should a Xxxx Payment post after its Due Date. See Section X.3., “The Service Guarantee,” below for further details.
Hold. Status, Do Not Refer Status, Do Not Use Status, Corrective Action Plan, Sub- section 16.1 and Exhibit N, Department of Children and Family Services/Probation Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program Contract Investigation/Monitoring/Audit Remedies and Procedures.
Hold. A contract exists between the seller and the listing Participant. The listing is temporarily off- market with the intent to return to market. Withdrawn is similar to the Hold status but conveys the intent NOT to go back on-market, Pending An offer has been accepted and the listing is off-market.
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Hold. Section 11.6. Hold Loan" \1 2}. The Fiscal Agent in its individual or any other capacity may become the owner or pledgee of any GoverrThental Lender Note and may otherwise deal with the Governmental Lender, the Funding Lenders, the Noteholder Representative, any Servicer and the Borrower with the same rights it would have if it were not Fiscal Agent. T-27388.001 /1 1 27885.doc 45 Council Agenda: 9-9-2014 Item No.: 3.5 Section 11.7. Held in "Section 11.7. Held in Trust" \1 21- Moneys held by the Fiscal Agent in trust hereunder need not be segregated from other funds except to the extent required by law. The Fiscal Agent shall be under no liability for interest on any moneys received by it hereunder except as otherwise provided herein.
Hold. Tenant is to occupy the premises as a private residential dwelling. The Tenant shall peacefully and quietly have, hold and enjoy the premises during the term of the Lease. Tenant shall comply with all of the rules and regulations governing the premises and the community.
Hold. Harmless Clause - The Contractor shall, during the term of this Agreement, including any warranty period, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Village of Oaks, its officials, employees, agents, residents and representatives thereof from all suits, actions, or claims of any kind, including attorney’s fees, brought on account of any personal injuries, damages, or violations of rights, sustained by any person or property in consequence of any neglect in safeguarding contract work or on account of any act or omission by the Contractor or his employees, or from any claims or amounts arising from violation of any law, bylaw, ordinance, regulation or decree. The vendor agrees that this clause shall include claims involving infringement of patent or copyright.
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