Hold Sample Clauses

Hold. DEPOSIT: A deposit of $300.00 is required to hold a room and shall be applied toward the rent.
Hold. Iomega may at any time direct Venture to hold the Excess Components in inventory to be used to fulfill future Purchase Orders. If Iomega does so, beginning three (3) months after the last date on which the Excess Components would have been used had Iomega submitted Purchase Orders in accordance with this Agreement for which those Excess Components would have been used to fulfill, Iomega shall pay an inventory carrying charge determined by applying an annual rate equal to LIBOR plus [**]% to the total value of the Excess Components being held by Venture. For purposes of the foregoing sentence, the total value of the authorized Excess Components shall be the monthly averaged cost of materials of such components. Additionally, the applicable LIBOR rate shall be that rate in effect on the first business day of each month in which the provisions of this subsection apply. Venture will invoice Iomega on a monthly basis for any amounts due, and Iomega shall pay such amounts within [**] days after receipt of invoice. Venture shall use commercially reasonable efforts to use the Excess Components to fulfill future Purchase Orders issued by Iomega. Venture shall not in any event be obliged to hold any Excess Components for more than a total of nine (9) months and if any Excess Component remain unused after this period, Iomega shall at Venture's request purchase the Excess Components at a price equal to that paid by Venture to the supplier of such Excess Components (without prejudice to Iomega's obligation to pay the inventory carrying charge as aforesaid) in which event Iomega shall own and have the right to control the disposition of such Excess Components.
Hold or “Held” or any similar variation of such term with respect to any Patent shall mean possession of the right to grant rights and releases under the Patents for the Licensed Field without the consent of any third party. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, 3G Patents acquired by a Patent Owner or any Patent Owner Affiliate from any third party after February 1, 2017, or LTE Patents acquired by a Patent Owner or any Patent Owner Affiliate from any third partyafter November 1, 2017, including as a result of a merger or other corporate transaction, shall not be deemed to be Held by such Patent Owner for purposes of this Agreement, however may be included under this Agreement at such Patent Owner’s discretion.
Hold. (also ‘DMV Registration Hold’) has the meaning set forth in the Statement of Work.
Hold. Landlord/Agent will remove the Premises from the market and will not lease the Premises to another person upon execution of this agreement on the condition that, within 24 hours, Applicant submits an application for all Applicants, pays of all non-refundable application fees, and provides all additional information required to evaluate Applicant’s application. Failure of Applicant to make application and provide all information requested by Landlord/Agent will result in termination of this agreement and return of the Unit Reservation Deposit to Applicant.
Hold. The Purchasers acknowledge that the Preferred Shares and the Common Shares issuable upon conversion of the Preferred Shares must be held as required by the Securities Laws unless subsequently registered or otherwise qualified for sale under any applicable Securities Laws or unless exemptions from such registrations or qualification are available.
Hold. The amount of any purchase or transfer by you may be placed on hold for up to three days or may be deducted from your account automatically; therefore, you must be certain you have adequate funds in your account to cover each and every purchase.
Hold. Without prejudice to Section 5.10.2 and 5.10.3, Hypercom may at any time direct Venture to hold inventory in which case the terms of 5.9 shall apply.
Hold a post-graduate degree in an appropriate discipline and have performed the responsibilities of the position at a satisfactory level; or
Hold a post-graduate degree in an appropriate discipline, equivalent professional experience related to the Member's professional responsibilities as demonstrated by peer evaluation, or some appropriate combination of lesser degree qualification and professional experience; and