Freight Sample Clauses

Freight. Unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing, the Supplier is responsible for freight and delivery to the destination specified in the Order.
Freight. Inventory that consists of any costs associated with “freight-in” charges;
Freight. The Products shall be shipped FOB Titan facilities to designated Deere location and on a carrier designated by Deere. Deere will be liable for all such transportation expenses. In the event that a late delivery is Titan’s responsibility, Titan may be liable for expedited freight premiums incurred to meet Deere factory production schedules.
Freight. Distributor shall set up an account with each of its carriers that allows Dell to directly access in real time (or as close to real time as possible) each carrier’s “214 EDItransmissions relating to shipping status information for all Orders. Distributor or its designated carriers shall ship all Orders within the United States on a next business day delivery basis.
Freight. Buyer is responsible for determining the mode of transportation and for providing suitable tank trucks, rail cars or barges for shipments of one hundred percent (100%) of the Products from the Mills. All freight charges, insurance, demurrage and all other expenses incident thereto are for Buyer’s account; provided that, if Buyer incurs third party demurrage charges due to Seller’s delay, then Seller shall reimburse Buyer for such charges. Seller will make commercially reasonable efforts to fully load tank trucks or rail cars to minimize total cost of transportation. Buyer may request and Seller shall provide a credit of one percent (1%) of the Purchase Price for each one percent (1%) of volume that each load falls below ninety five percent (95%) of the working capacity of the tank truck or rail car used to transport such load from the applicable Mill.Buyer and Seller will work in good faith to enable transportation by barge as is appropriate and mutually agreed. The initial cost to develop and construct infrastructure for barge shipments shall be borne by Buyer and the maintenance costs for such infrastructure shall be as agreed in writing.