Time Bar Sample Clauses

Time bar. If neither the Trustee nor the Manager issues a notice under Clause 6.7(d) within 12 months after a GST Tax Change has come into effect, then each of the Trustee and the Manager will be taken to have unconditionally and irrevocably waived its rights under Clause 6.7(c) in relation to that GST Tax Change, and no adjustment for that GST Tax Change will be made.

Time bar. Purchaser Claims shall become time-barred as follows: (c)in the case of Tax Claims on the date set out in Section 10 (Time bar) of the Tax Covenant;(d)in the case of Purchaser Claims in connection with the Statements set out in Section 12.1, 3 (three) years and 6 (six) months after the Signing Date;(e)in the case of Purchaser Claims pursuant to Section 7.1, 12 (twelve) months after the Closing Date; and(f)in the case of all other Purchaser Claims (other than Tax Claims), on August 31, 2014.