Shipping Costs Sample Clauses

Shipping Costs. All items must be bid Freight On Board Destination (hereinafter FOB). This does not include hardware items being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. Actual shipping costs will apply to items shipped Alaska or Hawaii.
Shipping Costs. NYC Health + Hospitals shall not pay any shipping costs.
Shipping Costs. Xxxxxxx Diagnostics agrees to pay all costs associated with shipping the evaluation unit to and from the evaluation site providing that all requirements of this agreement have been followed. If the requirements of this agreement have not been followed, Xxxxxxx Diagnostics relinquishes their responsibility for payment of shipping costs and shipping costs will become the responsibility of the customer.
Shipping Costs i.FILL will invoice Retailer's customers at such rates -------------- as are requested by Retailer. Retailer will pay i.FILL shipping costs per the shipping tables attached hereto as Exhibit E (as mentioned from time to time by i.FILL). i.FILL will provide Retailer written notice of shipping rate changes and the effective date of such changes. i.FILL represents that the shipping costs charged to Retailer are its actual shipping costs (not considering rebates).
Shipping Costs. Company shall bear the cost and expense of shipping of any and all units of Products, Components or other materials manufactured hereunder from the point of manufacture to: (i) any distribution or warehouse Facility; and (ii) from any distribution or warehouse Facility to any other distribution or warehouse Facility, so long as such movement described in (ii) above is at the direction of Company in its own discretion. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, WEA shall be responsible for the cost and expense of all other shipments hereunder. To the extent that any shipping costs hereunder are to be borne by WEA but are actually paid by Company, WEA shall only be required to pay Company’s actual, documented, out-of-pocket costs charged by such shipping agent for the shipment of units of Products and/or other materials hereunder, and such costs shall be reimbursed to Company by WEA within [*] business days following Company’s rendition of such invoice to WEA (but in no event shall WEA be required to make any such payment of such invoice prior to Company’s payment of such invoice to such shipping agent). If WEA is responsible for shipping expenses, should WEA so elect, WEA shall have the right to: (i) select the shipping agent(s) utilized by Company for shipping of units of Products and/or other materials hereunder (and, in doing so, assume the risk of loss for such units of Products in transit); or (ii) in lieu of selecting such shipping agent(s), require that Company submit to WEA any proposed shipping agent(s) which Company wishes to utilize hereunder for WEA’s prior written approval. If, in a particular instance, WEA is not responsible for shipping expenses or WEA does not exercise its rights pursuant to the preceding sentence, Company shall utilize the same shipping agent(s) utilized by Company for the shipping of a majority of the other products shipped by or on behalf of Company.
Shipping Costs. NYC Health + Hospitals shall not pay any shipping costs. 5.
Shipping Costs. For non-warranty repairs and re-certifications, Client and BIT shall utilize Client’s Federal Express account or Client specified shipping service and [***] with shipping Product to and from BIT. For Limited Warranty repairs, [***] for the costs associated with shipping the Product back to the Client and/or Client’s designee.