Agreement End Date definition

Agreement End Date has the meaning specified in Section 10.1(e).
Agreement End Date means March 31, 2020.
Agreement End Date. <<Insert date Agreement ends>>;

Examples of Agreement End Date in a sentence

  • Claiming Indirect Cost Rate Yes No Project Agreement End Date Dec.

  • Canada may, at its discretion, conduct a Recipient audit related to this Agreement during the term of this Agreement and up to three years after the Agreement End Date, in accordance with the Canadian Auditing Standards and Section 19.3 (Accounting Principles).

  • Any costs incurred after the Project Agreement End Date are NOT eligible for federal reimbursement.

  • The Recipient will keep proper and accurate financial accounts and records, including but not limited to its Contracts, invoices, statements, receipts, and vouchers, in respect of the Project, for at least six (6) years after the Agreement End Date.

  • Project Agreement End Date - This date is based on your projects Period of Performance (2 CFR Part 200.309).

More Definitions of Agreement End Date

Agreement End Date means March 31st, 2028.
Agreement End Date means 31st March 2025.
Agreement End Date means the date set out in Item 8 of Schedule 1.
Agreement End Date means the last day of the Operating Period under the Agreement. “Architect of Record” shall have the meaning given to it in Appendix 1 to the Agreement.
Agreement End Date means September 30, 2023.
Agreement End Date means September 30, 2015.
Agreement End Date means March 31, 2026.