Exempt Status Sample Clauses

Exempt Status. In this section, “Exempt” means the Contractor is exempt from the Articles of Agreement in section 13.B.(5) of this Contract and from filing an Affirmative Action plan as required by Section IV of the Articles of Agreement. The Department of Civil Rights (“Department”) makes the final determination as to whether a contractor is exempt. If the Contractor is not exempt, sec. 13.B.(5) shall apply and Contractor shall select option A. or B. under Article IV therein and file an Affirmative Action Plan.
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Exempt Status. Employee understands that at all times he/she is employed as a salaried/exempt employee and, therefore, he/she is not entitled to overtime wages. Employee shall not receive overtime compensation for the services performed under this Agreement, unless specifically agreed to in writing.
Exempt Status. The City will not take any action which would cause the interest on the Commercial Paper Notes to become includable in the gross income of the holders thereof for federal income tax purposes.
Exempt Status. The City shall not take any action, omit to take any action or cause or permit another Person to take any action or omit to take any action, which, if taken or omitted, would adversely affect the excludability of interest on the Covered Notes (which are issued as tax-exempt) from the gross income of the holders thereof for purposes of Federal income taxation.
Exempt Status. Full or part-time employees having “exempt” status as listed in Exhibit B are not covered by the Civil Service System of the City of Burbank; however, such “exempt” employees are represented by the BCEA. “Exempt” employees are covered by this Memorandum of Understanding except for Article IX and Exhibit E. Exempt employees may file grievances and take such grievance to and through the third step of the grievance procedure per Article XIII Section C4, not to include appeal to the Civil Service Board or to arbitration.
Exempt Status. YISs are non-exempt employees.
Exempt Status. If Company is located in the United States, and Company is exempt from paying state sales or use tax, then Company shall deliver a reseller tax certificate for the state in which it is headquartered, to MS as specified in the Resource Guide. If Company fails to provide a valid reseller tax certificate, MS may invoice Company for these taxes.
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Exempt Status. The CHF Case Managers will function as exempt employees.
Exempt Status. Employee understands that at all times he is employed as an “exempt employee” and, therefore, he is not entitled to overtime wages.
Exempt Status. Employee shall perform such duties as are necessary to the ------------- administration and management of Employer's business and has control and supervision of that business during his employment for Commerce. It is understood that while Employee reports and shall be responsible to the Board of Directors of Employer, or designee, Employee has discretion to perform such functions as he deems reasonably necessary to the successful operation of Employer's business. Accordingly, the Parties understand and agree that Employee is "exempt" on both an executive and administrative basis under applicable California wage and hour laws.
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