Fixed Assets Sample Clauses

Fixed Assets. 10 Section 2.11. Leases................................................. 10 Section 2.12. Change in Financial Condition and Assets............... 11 Section 2.13.
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Fixed Assets. 6.1 If a Guarantor Company grants security over its material fixed assets it shall be free to deal with those assets in the ordinary course of its business and otherwise as permitted under any Finance Document until an Enforcement Event.
Fixed Assets. All tangible personal property, plant and equipment including, without limitation, buildings, structures, generators, turbines, gas supply pipelines and equipment, fixtures, machinery and equipment, maintenance machinery and equipment, vehicles and rolling stock, office furniture and office equipment, other furnishings, leasehold improvements and construction-in-process, and all tangible personal property set forth on Schedule 1.1(b) (Fixed Assets) (collectively, the "Fixed Assets").
Fixed Assets. Accounting for real estate transactions, maintaining the fixed asset records and processing payments for property taxes.
Fixed Assets. Title to all fixed assets purchased with COUNTY funds designated by the COUNTY for that purpose under this Contract shall remain with COUNTY. A “Fixed Asset” is defined hereunder as any equipment costing Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) or more, with a useful life of more than one year. Such assets shall be maintained and repaired by CONTRACTOR during the term of this Contract. CONTRACTOR shall provide an accounting of such assets at the termination or expiration of this Contract and shall deliver same to COUNTY upon COUNTY’s written request. CONTRACTOR shall have the option upon the expiration or termination of the Contract to acquire such assets at a price to be mutually agreed upon by COUNTY and CONTRACTOR.
Fixed Assets. 7.1 If a member of the Group grants security over its fixed assets it shall be free to deal with those assets in the ordinary course of its business until a Declared Default has occurred.
Fixed Assets. The value of all of the fixed assets of the Company as shown in the Accounts is at cost thereof less depreciation deducted from time to time in a consistent manner and there has been no revaluation of such fixed assets since their acquisition.
Fixed Assets. Seller has good and marketable title to the Fixed Assets, free and clear of all encumbrances, claims, charges, security interests, or liens, if any, which do not materially detract from the value of or interfere with the use of the Fixed Assets.
Fixed Assets. Fixed Assets are stated at historical cost less accumulated depreciation. Depreciation is calculated on the straight-line method of 20% per annum for Furniture & Fixtures, Leasehold Improvements, Office Equipment and Motor Vehicle; and 33 1/3% to 25% for Computer Hardware and Software, which is sufficient to write-off the cost of the assets over their estimated useful lives.
Fixed Assets. Schedule 2.10 attached hereto sets forth a true, correct and complete list of all Fixed Assets as of September 30, 1996, including a description and the book value thereof. Schedule 2.10, as updated pursuant to Subsection 7.9 hereof, shall set forth a true, correct and complete list of all Fixed Assets as of the Closing Date, including a description and valuation thereof. All of the Fixed Assets are in good operating condition and repair, normal wear and tear excepted, are currently used by the Seller in the ordinary course of business and in the production of products of the Seller and normal maintenance has been consistently performed with respect to such Fixed Assets.