Mandatory training definition

Mandatory training means training on identifying and reporting child abuse or dependent adult abuse required of physical therapists or physical therapist assistants who are mandatory reporters. The full requirements on mandatory reporting of child abuse and the training requirements are found in Iowa Code section 232.69. The full requirements on mandatory reporting of dependent adult abuse and the training requirements are found in Iowa Code section 235B.16.
Mandatory training means training on identifying and reporting child abuse or dependent adult abuse required of chiropractic physicians who are mandatory reporters. The full requirements on mandatory reporting of child abuse and the training requirements are found in Iowa Code section
Mandatory training means training required in order to prepare an employee to fulfill job duties and adhere to company policies, including, for example, new hire orientation in which the employer explains company policies.

Examples of Mandatory training in a sentence

  • Mandatory training and certifications that are applicable to this project (e.g., explosive actuated tools, crane operator, rigger, crane signal person, fall protection, electrical lockout/NFPA 70E, machine/equipment lockout, confined space, etc…) and any requirements for periodic retraining/recertification are required.

  • A licensee who has been the subject of disciplinary action in another state, to include but not be limited to citations, reprimands, fines, license restrictions, probation, or license surrender, suspension, or revocation, shall report such action to the board within 30 days of adjudication.[ARC 4579C, IAB 7/31/19, effective 9/4/19] 657—2.16(235B,272C) Mandatory training for identifying and reporting abuse.

  • Mandatory training on identifying and reporting abuse, if applicable, within the previous five years.

  • Mandatory training provides staff with education and staff development relevant to their roles.

  • To ensure all councillors are aware of their corporate parenting responsibilities through Mandatory training and communication.

  • Mandatory training will also be required after the new teacher evaluation requirements are implemented in each school district.

  • Mandatory training, certifications, or licenses:Contractor support positions shall be trained in all levels of Microsoft Office Suite 2010 and Adobe Acrobat software.

  • Companies should strive to decrease this time span.The operational cash cycle is the period when the company’s financial resources are tied up in its purchased and own-produced warehouse inventories, and in trade receivables before the influx of funds following a sale or supply of service (Katits− Szalka 2015; Hofmann et al.

  • Mandatory training and awareness-raising for the workforce about refraining from unacceptable conduct toward local community members, specifically women.

  • Mandatory training and awareness raising for the workforce about refraining from unacceptable conduct toward local community members, specifically women.

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Mandatory training means a proficiency level program, which teaches and practices the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the training objectives of Air Cadets. It is part of the Local Headquarters Training normally given during 25 dedicated sessions.
Mandatory training means any training module Fitch Ratings requires any employee to take.
Mandatory training means the training which an officer cadet or a recruit shall undergo prior to being commissioned as an officer or as a trained soldier;
Mandatory training. All staff will be expected to undertake mandatory training in Information Governance and working within a shared record environment  Monitoring and Evaluation: Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of both the model and its effectiveness will be undertaken by the iLINKS Clinical Informatics Advisory Group and its Partner Organisations

Related to Mandatory training

  • Travel training means providing instruction, as appropriate, to children with significant cognitive disabilities, and any other children with disabilities who require this instruction, to enable them to:

  • Vocational training or "vocational education" means

  • New jobs training program or “program” means the project or projects established by a community college for the creation of jobs by providing education and training of workers for new jobs for new or expanding industry in the merged area served by the community college. The proceeds of the certificates, as authorized by the Act, shall be used only to fund program services related to training programs made necessary by the creation of new jobs.

  • Skills training means systematic skill building through curriculum-based psychoeducational and cognitive-behavioral interventions. These interventions break down complex objectives for role performance into simpler components, including basic cognitive skills such as attention, to facilitate learning and competency.

  • Online Training means prerecorded training delivered virtually e.g. SAP e-learning.

  • Mandatory or “(M)” shall mean the Vendor must comply with the requirement, and the Response will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

  • Athletic training means the application of principles and methods of conditioning, the prevention, immediate care, recognition, evaluation, assessment, and treatment of athletic and orthopedic injuries within the scope of education and training, the organization and administration of an athletic training program, and the education and counseling of athletes, coaches, family members, medical personnel, and communities, and groups in the area of care and prevention of athletic and orthopedic injuries. Athletic training may only be applied in the “traditional setting” and the “clinical setting”:

  • Mandatory Conversion shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.

  • Transition training means written and verbal instructions

  • Mandatory Tender Notice means, in connection with the Mandatory Tender of VRDP Shares, a notice delivered by the Fund or the Tender and Paying Agent on behalf of the Fund to the Holders and the Liquidity Provider specifying a Mandatory Tender Event and Purchase Date.

  • Mandatory Trigger Provision means, as to any Qualifying Capital Securities, provisions in the terms thereof or of the related transaction agreements that:

  • Approved Training means training undertaken in a traineeship and shall involve formal instruction, both theoretical and practical, and supervised practice in accordance with a traineeship scheme approved by the relevant state training authority or NETTFORCE. The training will be accredited and lead to qualifications as set out in subclause 5(e).

  • Mandatory Tender with respect to a Mandatory Tender Event, means the mandatory tender of all VRDP Shares by Holders for Remarketing, or, in the event (i) no Remarketing occurs on or before the Purchase Date or (ii) pursuant to an attempted Remarketing, VRDP Shares remain unsold and the Remarketing Agent does not purchase for its own account the unsold VRDP Shares tendered to the Tender and Paying Agent for Remarketing (provided, that the Remarketing Agent may seek to sell such VRDP Shares in a subsequent Remarketing prior to the Purchase Date), for purchase by the Liquidity Provider at the Purchase Price pursuant to Section 2 of Part II of the Articles Supplementary and the VRDP Shares Purchase Agreement.

  • Solar alternative compliance payment or "SACP" means a

  • Mandatory Guest Fee means any separate fee that a patron or guest is charged for in addition to the base room rate for a guest room, including but not limited to resort fees, facility fees, destination fees, amenity fees, urban destination fees, or any other similar fee. Mandatory Guest Fees do not include employee gratuities, state or local mandatory taxes, and other tax-like fees and assessments that are levied on a stay, as determined by us, that are passed through to a third party (such as tourism public improvement district fees, tourism or improvement assessments, and convention center fees).

  • Alternative Compliance Payment or "ACP" means a payment of a certain dollar amount per megawatt hour, which a Retail Electricity Supplier may submit in lieu of supplying the minimum percentage of RECs required under Section 3.3.5 of this Regulation.

  • SAP Training Catalogue means the catalogue published by SAP containing details of SAP training courses and services.

  • Training Event means either a Course or Online Training, or both.

  • Mandatory Conversion Date has the meaning set forth in Section 7(a).

  • Conversion/Continuation Notice is defined in Section 2.9.

  • Qualifying Replacement Capital Covenant has the meaning specified in the Replacement Capital Covenant.

  • Conversion therapy means any practice or treatment as defined in § 54.1-2409.5 A of the Code of Virginia.

  • Medical Child Support Order means any judgment, decree or order (including approval of a domestic relations settlement agreement) issued by a court of competent jurisdiction that:

  • Mandatory Conversion Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 4.7.C hereof.

  • Notice of Conversion/Continuation has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 4.2.