EXAMINERS Sample Clauses

EXAMINERS. THIRTY-NINE: Corporate surveillance shall be entrusted to one or more Examiners and their respective alternates as appointed by the ordinary stockholders’ meeting, which need not be stockholders and shall be appointed on an annual basis. They may be reelected and shall serve until the stockholders’ meeting makes new appointments and their successors take charge. The Examiner(s), as the case may be, shall have the authorities and duties provided under Article 166 of the Mexican Corporate Law, additionally to any others that are delegated by the stockholders’ meeting, and shall be paid the compensation determined by the ordinary general stockholders’ meeting every year. THIRTY-NINE BIS. The Company will create an Audit Committee, composed of directors, of which the president and the majority of such directors shall be independent and in which will also be present an Official Auditor or Official Auditors of the Company, who will attend as guests with the right to speak but not to vote. The Audit Committee will have, among others, the following tasks:
EXAMINERS. If a House Officer knows of a physician or colleague who House Officer reasonably believes may be impaired or potentially impaired, House Officer may report that physician to the PhysiciansHealth Program. A House Officer who is reasonably believed to be impaired or potentially impaired, but refuses to avail him/herself of assistance shall be reported to the Campus Assistance Program and/or the Physicians’ Health Program for evaluation. CANCELLATION/NON-PROMOTION AND RENEWAL/NON-RENEWAL OF AGREEMENT OF APPOINTMENT House Officer Agreement of Appointments are valid for a specified period of time no greater than twelve (12) months. During the term of this Agreement of Appointment, the House Officer’s continued participation in the House Officer Program is expressly conditioned upon satisfactory performance. This Agreement of Appointment may be terminated at any time for cause. Conditions for re-appointment and non-renewal of the contract are discussed in the House Officer Manual. (Revised October 2007) Neither this Agreement of Appointment nor House Officer’s appointment hereunder constitute a benefit, promise or other commitment that House Officer will be appointed for a period beyond the term of this Agreement of Appointment. Promotion, reappointment and/or renewal of this Agreement of Appointment is expressly contingent upon several factors, including, but not limited to the following: (i) satisfactory completion of all training components; (ii) the availability of a position; (iii) satisfactory performance evaluation; (iv) full compliance with the terms of this Agreement of Appointment; (v) the continuation of University’s and House Officer Programsaccreditation by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (“ACGME”); (vi) University’s financial ability; and (vii) furtherance of the House Officer’s Program. Termination, non-promotion, and non-renewal of this Agreement of Appointment shall be subject to appeal in accordance with the provisions delineated in the House Officer Manual. (Revised June 2007)
EXAMINERS. The Bankruptcy Court shall enter an order appointing a responsible officer or an examiner with powers beyond the duty to investigate and report, as set forth in section 1106(a)(3) and (4) of the Bankruptcy Code, in any of the Cases; or
EXAMINERS. This Lease is contingent upon prior approval by the Nevada State Board of Examiners and is not binding upon the Parties hereto or effective until such approval.
EXAMINERS. There shall be an even number of examiners, but in no event less than two. One-half the total number of examiners shall be appointed by FCAM and the remaining one-half of the examiners shall be appointed by IMSALUM. Until otherwise agreed between the parties hereto, the total number of examiners shall be two.

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  • Grievance Investigations Where an employee has asked or is obliged to be represented by the Institute in relation to the presentation of a grievance and an employee acting on behalf of the Institute wishes to discuss the grievance with that employee, the employee and the representative of the employee will, where operational requirements permit, be given reasonable leave with pay for this purpose when the discussion takes place in the headquarters area of such employee and leave without pay when it takes place outside the headquarters area of such employee.

  • Examinations Except as set forth on Schedule 3.12(c), the Company has not received any notice that any Employee Benefit Plan is currently the subject of an audit, investigation, enforcement action or other similar proceeding conducted by any state or federal agency.

  • Medical Examinations An employee may be required by the Employer, at the request of and at the expense of the Employer, to take a medical examination by a physician of the employee's choice. Employees may be required to take skin tests, x-ray examination, vaccination, inoculation and other immunization (with the exception of a rubella vaccination when the employee is of the opinion that a pregnancy is possible), unless the employee's physician has advised in writing that such a procedure may have an adverse affect on the employee's health.

  • Grievance Investigation The Employer agrees to supply to the Union the names of all applicants for a vacancy, or new position in the course of a grievance investigation.

  • Physical Examinations Where the Employer requires an employee to take a physical examination, doctor's fees for such examination shall be paid by the Employer. Except prior to commencement of employment and the first four (4) weeks of employment, such examinations shall be taken during the employee's working hours without loss of pay to the employee.