AUTHORITIES Sample Clauses

AUTHORITIES. 9.1 Performance of this XXXX shall be subject to all valid laws, orders, decisions, rules and regulations of duly constituted governmental authorities having jurisdiction or control of any matter related hereto, including Authorities. Should either of the Parties, by force of any such law, order, decision, rule or regulation, at any time during the term of this XXXX be ordered or required to do any act inconsistent with the provisions hereof, then for the period during which the requirements of such law, order, decision, rule or regulation are applicable, this XXXX shall be deemed modified to conform with the requirement of such law, order, decision, rule or regulation; provided, however, nothing in this Article 9.1 shall alter, modify or otherwise affect the respective rights of the Parties to cancel or terminate this XXXX under the terms and conditions hereof.
AUTHORITIES. The Anaheim City Council has accepted the subaward of the Federal award from the City of Los Angleles, and has authorized the City to execute this Agreement. Subrecipient warrants that it has obtained written authorization from its governing board or authorized body to execute this Agreement and accept and use the Subaward. Subrecipient further warrants that such written authorization specifies that Subrecipient, governing board or authorized body agree:
AUTHORITIES. 12.2.1 Nothing herein shall cause the Vendor or its agents and employees to be deemed employees or agents of VDSS during the term of this Agreement. VDSS will issue IRS Form 1099 annually to report payments to the Vendor that total at least $600 if applicable. Neither party shall make any commitments that will bind the other party beyond the scope of services contained herein. Note: Form 1099 is not issued for nonprofit agencies or corporations.
AUTHORITIES. The procedures laid out by the local regulatory authorities must be followed and all documents must be submitted to all concerned authorities, and where needed, approved before a clinical study may commence.
AUTHORITIES. “Authorities” shall mean and refer to the United States, State, County, City or other local governmental or quasi-governmental authorities, or any department, office, or agency of the foregoing now existing or hereafter created.
AUTHORITIES. Compliance with the provisions of this Agreement does not relieve the FRA or other federal agencies of their responsibilities to comply with other legal requirements, including those imposed by the NAGPRA (25 U.S.C. Section 3001 and 43 CFR 10), the ARPA (16 U.S.C. Section 470 aa-47011), and the NEPA (42 U.S.C. Section 4321-4347), and applicable Executive Orders.