Employee Assistance Program (EAP Sample Clauses

Employee Assistance Program (EAP. The County will pay for an Employee Assistance Program that provides for confidential counseling sessions for benefits-eligible employees and their covered dependents, subject to the limitations of the EAP plan.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. During the term of this agreement, the City will continue to provide an Employee Assistance Program at the level of benefit provided on the effective date of this agreement.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. The University shall maintain an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and shall pay one hundred percent (100%) of the monthly premiums.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. The Employer and the Union recognize the value of counseling and assistance programs to those employees whose personal problems affect performance of their job duties and responsibilities. Therefore, the Employer agrees to continue the existing Employee Assistance Program.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. The Employer will consult with (but shall be under no obligation to negotiate with) the Union prior to establishing an Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”). The EAP will include substance abuse assistance as one of the employee concerns which will be covered within the services provided. All employees may use the EAP. The services provided by the EAP are confidential. The University shall not discipline employees based on their use of these services.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. In cases where disciplinary action is contemplated and the affected employee elects to participate in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the disciplinary action may be delayed until completion of the program. Upon notification by the Ohio EAP case monitor of successful completion of the program under the provisions of an Ohio EAP Participation Agreement, the Employer will meet and give serious consideration to modifying the contemplated disciplinary action. Participation in an EAP program by an employee may be considered in mitigating disciplinary action only if such participation commenced within five (5) days of a pre-disciplinary meeting or prior to the imposition of discipline, whichever is later. Separate disciplinary action may be instituted for offenses committed after the commencement of an EAP program.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. The Employer recognizes that early recognition, intervention and treatment are important for successful rehabilitation and for reduced work, personal and family disruption. All employees who are eligible for benefits will be eligible for participation in the Employee Assistance Program as part of the “core” benefits of the cafeteria-style benefit program. Employees who are not eligible for the benefit plans provided in this Article 14 will still be eligible for the basic Employee Assistance Program, which provides for an initial assessment and up to five (5) free visits. An employee who voluntarily participates in the EAP provided by the Employer with the express purpose of correcting a personal incapacitating habit may do so without jeopardizing their continued employment with the Employer, provided they stop an involvement with illegal activity and do not jeopardize any of their required licenses. In disciplinary actions for other violations however, an employee’s voluntary participation in the EAP shall not in itself be considered as evidence or admission of a violation. The Employer shall maintain the confidentiality, on a need to know basis, of all employees participating in EAP programs.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. A. EAP Assessment & Consultation: 24-hour, toll-free telephonic access to licensed (or certified) counselors; intake assessment, consultation and guidance.B. Short-Term Counseling and Referral Services: Referrals to a national network of licensed (or certified) counselors for assessment and short-term counseling at offices within 20 minutes or 20 miles from the work site or home. Telephonic counseling on appointment basis also available.II. Work-Life ServicesA. Work-Life Consultation and Referral: Telephonic consultation with Work- Life Specialists regarding Child Care/Parenting, Adoption, Educational Resource, Elder/Adult Care. Work-Life Specialists work with callers to provide verified referrals to resources within 5 business days of initial consultation.B. Legal Consultation: One telephonic and/or 30-minute in-person legal consultation per legal matter on issues such as divorce, real estate, custody and DUI’s. Legal consultations do not cover employment related issues.C. Financial Consultation: One telephonic consultation per financial matter including financial counseling, debt management, credit report review, housing and financial planning.III. Website and Program CommunicationsA. LifeCycle Connect Website: A website contains eligibility and benefit information, commonly asked questions about using EAP and Work-Life Services, and quarterly employee newsletter. The Resource Library features a collection of informational tools and resources for all areas of life management.B. Quarterly Employee Newsletter: An online quarterly newsletter containing brief articles addressing seasonal topics, wellness, and work-life balance. The Quarterly Employee Newsletter can be accessed via the link in the Resource Library on the LifeCycle Connect website.C. Manager’s Outlook: A quarterly bulletin posted on the LifeCycle Connect website designed specifically for managers and supervisors with topical articles.D. Monthly Emails: Brief topical emails customized with client company’s toll-free number and URL to help promote the Program services with calendar specific topical messages. The monthly emails are addressed to the designated program contact(s) as part of an annual promotional packet and at the beginning of each month.E. Promotion Materials(Electronic): Promotion materials which are available via the LifeCycle Connect website.IV. Learning and Development FEI FNA Customer Services Agreement
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. Access to EAP well-being services will be provided for employees and their dependents.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP. During the term of the Agreement, the City agrees to meet with the Union to discuss updating, modifying or enhancing EAPs.