Funds Available Sample Clauses

Funds Available. Unless the Administrative Agent shall have received notice from a Lender prior to 1:00 P.M. (New York City time) on the date of any Borrowing that such Lender will not make available to the Administrative Agent such Lender’s ratable portion of such Borrowing, the Administrative Agent may assume that such Lender has made such portion available to the Administrative Agent on the date of such Borrowing in accordance with subsection (a) of this Section 2.02 and the Administrative Agent may, in reliance upon such assumption, make available to the relevant Borrower on such date a corresponding amount. If and to the extent that such Lender shall not have so made such ratable portion available to the Administrative Agent, such Lender and the relevant Borrower severally agree to repay to the Administrative Agent forthwith on demand such corresponding amount together with interest thereon, for each day from the date such amount is made available to the relevant Borrower until the date such amount is repaid to the Administrative Agent, at (i) in the case of the relevant Borrower, the interest rate applicable at the time to Advances comprising such Borrowing and (ii) in the case of such Lender, the Federal Funds Rate. If such Lender shall repay to the Administrative Agent such corresponding amount, such amount so repaid shall constitute such Lender’s Advance as part of such Borrowing for purposes of this Agreement.
Funds Available. The second recital of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following language:
Funds Available. We reserve the right to limit the number of Funds in which an Individual Account may be invested, at one time or cumulatively, during the Accumulation Phase and/or Annuity Phase.
Funds Available. The Purchaser has sufficient funds on hand or binding and enforceable commitments to provide it with sufficient funds to satisfy its obligations, in each case to pay the Purchase Price, and the Purchaser has no reason to believe, and has not been provided with oral or written notice that any of its investors are not required or do not intend, for any reason, to satisfy their obligations under such commitments. The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that its obligations under this Agreement are not contingent on obtaining financing.
Funds Available. The Parent has, and the Purchaser will have at the Effective Time, sufficient funds available to satisfy the aggregate Cash Consideration payable by the Purchaser pursuant to the Arrangement in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Plan of Arrangement, and to satisfy the Transaction Expenses and all other obligations payable by the Purchaser pursuant to this Agreement and the Arrangement.
Funds Available. The Company has sufficient funds available to pay, prior to the Original Expiry Date, all transaction costs, all payments required pursuant to change of control provisions, all of the Company’s remaining forecast commitments as set out in Section 3.1(ss) of the Exeter Disclosure Letter, and all additional remaining accounts payable and current liabilities of the Company and any of its subsidiaries, net of current assets, as determined in accordance with IFRS.
Funds Available. It is understood by and between the parties hereto that this Agreement shall be deemed executory only to the extent of the moneys available to the State and no liability on account thereof shall be incurred by the State beyond moneys available for the purposes hereof.
Funds Available. Buyer has sufficient cash, or firm commitments from responsible lending institutions, available lines of credit or other sources of available funds to enable it to make payment of any amounts to be paid by it hereunder.
Funds Available. The Faculty Professional Development Committee shall provide a fund each year which will be administered by the Short-Term Leave Subcommittee.
Funds Available. The Parent will have at the Effective Time sufficient funds or have made adequate arrangements to ensure that the required funds are available to effect payment in full of the Consideration for all the Common Shares acquired pursuant to the Transactions.