Discharged Sample Clauses

Discharged. The term “Discharged” shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 12.03.
Discharged if discharged for just cause;
Discharged. The Shop Steward shall be given a copy of any discipline at the time of the meeting. If the Steward is not present, a copy will be sent to the Union office or faxed. It is understood that the above provision will not apply to regular work performance reviews. It is further understood that regular work performance reviews will not be construed as discipline by the Company.
Discharged. Under a chapter 7 with reaffirmation, continue normal collection of the account. · Under a chapter 7 without reaffirmation: · Secured: lien remains in place and debtor is to continue payments as long as they intend to keep property · Unsecured: Collection efforts must cease as debt has been discharged. CHARGEOFF:
Discharged. The term "
Discharged. Union dues for employees on Weekly Indemnity, Workers' Compensation and leaves of absences shall be deducted from such employees upon their return to work and submitted to the Local Union at that time as dues in arrears.
Discharged. If a lien or notice of lien is filed against any of the assets of the Borrower (other than liens permitted under Section 7.10 hereof) and is not released within ninety (90) days after the filing thereof.