Deceased Sample Clauses

Deceased. Discharged In custody, reason: Revoked, reason: Medically unable to participate Special Condition requiring treatment participation withdrawn Transferred outside the immediate area No longer subsidy eligible, Offender will remain in the program as a self-pay client. Other (specify) Distribution: Therapist District File Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Division Sex Offender Treatment Terminated from Subsidy/Notification of Treatment Termination Instructions This form will be used to notify the:
Deceased. In the event of any employee’s death in the course of his/her employment, the employer shall be responsible to arrange for the body of deceased to be repatriated to his/her next of kin in Nepal and necessary repatriation expenses shall be borne by the employer.
Deceased. With respect to any Loan other than a Charged Off Loan, in the event any Borrower subject to the Portfolio Management Services is deceased, FMER shall be obligated to perform the applicable activities required under this Agreement, the Program Guidelines and the Servicing Agreement related to such deceased person.
Deceased. Employee In the event of death of an employee, the employer shall make donation to the bereaved family as follows:
Deceased. The account name will be changed to ‘Representatives of Name Deceased’. If a solicitors address is available, a final account should be sent care of the solicitors for debts in excess of £20.00. Where the system allows the deceased indicator should be utilised (PBLRMX indicator). Any debt of less than £20.00 should be written off as soon as is practical and recovery meanwhile suppressed (a submission form should still be forwarded at the earliest convenience). Debts greater than £20.00 should be billed c/o solicitors or any known executors. All such cases such be reviewed monthly to determine whether write off is appropriate.
Deceased. The individual named in Section 1 of this Contract as the Deceased, who is a deceased owner of an XXX (other than a Xxxx XXX), or a deceased participant in a Retirement Plan, and whose beneficiary is the Owner and is entitled to death benefits from such XXX and/or an Eligible Rollover Distribution (other than designated Xxxx amounts) from such Retirement Plan.
Deceased. This benefit is payable only when pre-approved by the travel assistance service provider. In the event of your death during an Eligible Trip, we will reimburse for one family member or friend to go to your place of death to identify your body, when it is necessary to be identified prior to the release of your body for:
Deceased. Correspondence to: Department of Medical Oncology, Radboud Uni- versity Nijmegen Medical Centre, P.O. Box 9101 HB, 6500 HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands. E-mail: x.xxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxxx.xx Received 6 July 2007; Accepted after revision 8 May 2008 DOI 10.1002/ijc.23756 Published online 26 August 2008 in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience. g production in B cells in vitro,24 causes Ig isotype selection25 and triggers a cascade of molecular events in human B cells similar to Th1 commitment.26 The effects of IL-12 on B cells in cancer patients have hardly been studied. The objectives of this study were to study the effects of IL-12 on the presence and distribution of cells in the follicles, apoptosis, chemokine receptor expressions on B and T cells, and B cell functions in patients with HNSCC. Material and methods Patient selection and treatment schedule phase Ib and phase II study In the phase Ib study, all patients (n 5 6) had histological proof of recurrent HNSCC with either local recurrence or subcutaneous or lymph node metastases, not amenable for curative surgery or radiotherapy.16 In the phase II study, all patients (n 5 10) had his- tological proof of HNSCC, with the primary tumor in the oral cav- ity or oropharynx, staged as T1-4, N0-2, M0, for which surgical resection including a supra-omohyoid or radical neck lymph node dissection was planned. Patients were previously untreated, i.e., they did not have prior surgery, radiotherapy, or any systemic therapy.20 In both studies the tumor, with a diameter not exceed- ing 5 cm, had to be accessible for local injection. The other eligi- bility criteria have been described previously.16,20 Both studies were single center, open-label, nonrandomized studies. rhIL-12 was supplied by Wyeth (Cambridge, MA) and administered by i.t. injection. rhIL-12 was administered weekly at 2 dose levels of 100 and 300 ng/kg body weight, by single or mul- tiple i.t. injections. In the phase Ib study, patients were treated for a period of minimal 8 and maximal 24 weeks. In the phase II study, patients were treated in the normal waiting procedure prior to surgery and received 2 or 3 injections, of which the last was administered 24 hr before surgery. To allow comparison of the immunological parameters of the rhIL-12-treated HNSCC patients in the phase II study, blood xxx- xxxx, lymph nodes and primary tumor resection material from 20 control patients were also collected; these patients were eligible for the study, but pref...
Deceased. You are hereby warned within 8 days after service hereof upon you inclusive of the day of such service, you do-
Deceased. The deceased left property to the value of N……………………… sufficiently described in the schedule. All part of which is situate within the High court of ………….. State, Nigeria. LOA without Will: IN THE HIGH COURT OF …….. STATE OF NIGERIA. PROBATE DIVISION. LETTER OF ADMINISTRATION (WITHOUT WILL) BE IT KNOWN that on the …………… day of …………20………. Letters of administration of the real and personal property of ……. Late of ……… deceased who died on……… day of ………….. intestate and who had at the time of his death……….. his fixed place of abode at ………. Within the jurisdiction of this court were granted by this court to …………. Of ………… sworn under ………. And that the intestate died at the …….. Day of ……… 20………. NOTE ________________________ Probate Registrar. Draft of assent. We, A of and B of the personal representatives of C Late of …………who died on ………. And whose will was proved by us on …….. in the Probate registry of …………….. Do hereby as personal representatives on this …….. day of ….. 20…