Deceased Sample Clauses

Deceased. Employee In the event of death of an employee, the employer shall make donation to the bereaved family as follows:
Deceased. The account name will be changed to ‘Representatives of Name Deceased’. If a solicitors address is available, a final account should be sent care of the solicitors for debts in excess of £20.00. Where the system allows the deceased indicator should be utilised (PBLRMX indicator). Any debt of less than £20.00 should be written off as soon as is practical and recovery meanwhile suppressed (a submission form should still be forwarded at the earliest convenience). Debts greater than £20.00 should be billed c/o solicitors or any known executors. All such cases such be reviewed monthly to determine whether write off is appropriate.
Deceased persons whose death is determined to be a direct and proximate result of their performance in
Deceased. Mark A. Yingling, FT, Corrections Officer, Prison, $22.16/hr., effective 07/24/22.
Deceased. The Corporation has received appropriate documentation (death certificate) proving the account holder is deceased. The BALI Team will determine if filing a claim against the estate in Probate Court is an option. The NI Alert Code will be added to the account by Credit Services when the flag is added to the account,
Deceased. When a woman has died and a Form 120 – Initial Notification of Death has been data entered, WHIX will automatically change her participation status to “deceased”. See Section 8Outcomes for the remaining procedures.
Deceased. 4. Voluntary Termination