Direct Contact Sample Clauses

Direct Contact. 4.14.1. Anybody who has an interest in Rhondda Cynon Taf and the LDP can and should be involved in the LDP process. The Council will host a has a consultation database, which will hold the contact details of any individual or organisation who wishes to be kept informed of the plan process. During the various stages of the process, the Council will make direct contact with individuals and organisations via email or letter. The Council will endeavour to reduce the amount of paper used during the LDP process and therefore will, where possible, require an email address from participants. It is however understood that not everyone has an email address and therefore these individuals will be written to via post.
Direct Contact. The U.S. EPA agrees to apply the Part 201 criteria for the whole soil profile in evaluating direct contact risks for corrective action decision-making.
Direct Contact. During free waste audits, Republic Services of Contra Costa County will provide information to businesses, public entities, and multi‐family complexes about the State law, local Organics collection program, and how to comply with and benefit from the new program. Republic Services of Contra Costa County will provide training of employees upon request as well as other projects and efforts undertaken by Republic Services of Contra Costa County’s Recycling Coordinator assigned to the City.
Direct Contact. 4.1 Recipient shall not have direct contact with representatives of CLIENT, its suppliers or customers before Recipient has received a written confirmation from CLIENT.
Direct Contact. In some limited cases, Check Point may provide Support directly to Customers in order to resolve Service Requests. CCSP and Customer are expected to provide standard support information in accordance with Section 3.9 (Support Information) in order to bring resolution to an issue in a timely fashion.
Direct Contact a. Sent written notices, by certified mail or facsimile, to qualified M/WBEs soliciting their participation in the contract in sufficient time to allow them to participate effectively.
Direct Contact. Contractor represents and warrants that the Project Manager or, in the event his or her unavailability for any reason, a pre-designated Garage Manager, shall be available immediately by phone, email, and text message Monday through Friday from at least 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). Outside of such times, Contractor guarantees an inquiry-specific response within 30 minutes, with a direct and immediate contact made available to HFC for use in the event of an emergency at all times.
Direct Contact. The IT Service Staff and NOC is the single point of contact for all of your IT-related needs!
Direct Contact. Information about the state law (and local ordinance) and how to comply will be provided to businesses, public entities, and multifamily complexes during free waste audits available upon request to entities conducted by PHBD as well as other projects and efforts under taken by PHBD’s Recycling Coordinator assigned to the City.
Direct Contact. You will have direct telephone access to the Physician and designated clinical coordinator to Physician (the “Clinical Coordinator”), on a twenty- four hour per day, seven day per week basis, and you will be given a special phone number where you may reach the Physician and Clinical Coordinator(s). During the Physician’s absence, the Practice will provide the services of a substitute physician, and you will be given instructions as to how to contact the substitute physician. The substitute physician will be available to you to the same extent as the Physician, although the substitute physician may be contacted through an answering service rather than directly.