Approved course definition

Approved course means a course that has been approved by the department for the training of lead professionals.
Approved course means a driver education curriculum approved by the department that meets the requirements of Iowa Code section 321.178A and is appropriate for teaching-parent-directed driver education and related behind-the-wheel instruction.
Approved course means a series of seminars, classes, or lectures meeting the requirements of WAC 284-17-517 and 284-17-550, covering the prescribed course of study. A course is approved only if when offered it will be supervised by an approved program director, and presented by or under the supervision of an approved instructor, according to the applicable section of either WAC 284-17-540 or 284-17-545.

Examples of Approved course in a sentence

  • Approved course substitutions of this type must be clearly indicated on the student’s program plan.

  • Approved course directives will be entered on the Advisement Report after enrollment in the course is complete, and will be identified in the Notes field of the report.

  • Approved course operations will be inspected by authorized representa- tives of the Administrator as often as deemed necessary to insure that instruction is maintained at the required standards, but the period between inspections shall not ex- ceed 12 months.

  • As such, an important aspect of testing models is that beneficiaries must continue to have access to and receive needed care.

  • Approved course numbers and course titles should be used in all advertisements.

More Definitions of Approved course

Approved course means a course offered by either a dental, dental therapy, dental hygiene, or dental assistant program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) of the American Dental Association (ADA) that meets the requirements set forth herein
Approved course means a course approved by the Board.
Approved course means a specified course of study or training in the Specified Practice Area for which the Practice Rights Certificate is sought and which is delivered by an Authorised Provider;
Approved course means a course of instruction or training in the service of liquor, approved by the Commissioner.
Approved course means a course of instruction for the training of EMTs the content of which meets the national curriculum guidelines of the U.S. Department of Transportation or other such training standards or guidelines as approved by the Department and which shallinclude a practical examination component as defined in the Department's EMT training course guidelines.