Costs of Utilisation Sample Clauses

Costs of Utilisation. 8 Interest
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Costs of Utilisation. 8 INTEREST
Costs of Utilisation. (a) The rate of interest on each Loan for any day during an Interest Period is the percentage rate per annum which is the aggregate of the applicable:
Costs of Utilisation. 8 Interest Calculation of interest
Costs of Utilisation. 9 RATE SWITCH
Costs of Utilisation. INTEREST Calculation of interest Subject to paragraphs (b) and (c), the rate of interest on each Loan for each Interest Period is the percentage rate per annum which is the aggregate of the applicable: Margin; in the case of Second Lien Facility Loans only, PIK Margin; EURIBOR (in the case of a Loan denominated in Euro) or LIBOR (in the case of a Loan denominated in an Optional Currency); and Mandatory Cost, if any. If Debt Cover in respect of the most recently completed Relevant Period is within a range set out below (as certified in a Compliance Certificate from the Parent in respect of such Relevant Period), then the Margin for each First Lien Facility Loan, Revolving Facility Loan and Second Lien Facility Loan will be the percentage per annum set out below in the column for that Facility opposite that range: Debt Cover First Lien Facility Loan Revolving Facility Loan Margin % p.a. Second Lien Facility Loan Margin % p.a. Greater than or equal to 3.5: 1.00 5.5 9.0 Less than 3.5: 1.00 but greater than or equal to 3.0: 1.00 5.0 8.5 Less than 3.0: 1.00 4.5 8.0 However: any increase or decrease in the Margin for a Loan shall take effect on the date (the “reset date”) which is the first day of the next Interest Period for that Loan following receipt by the Agent of the Compliance Certificate for that Relevant Period pursuant to Clause 26.3 (Financial testing); if, following receipt by the Agent of the annual audited financial statements of the BST Group and related Compliance Certificate, those statements and Compliance Certificate do not confirm the basis for a reduced Margin, then each Margin shall revert to the level based on the Debt Cover as demonstrated by those statements and in accordance with paragraph (b) above;
Costs of Utilisation 
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Related to Costs of Utilisation

  • Conditions of Utilisation 4.1 Initial conditions precedent

  • Utilisation The Loan shall be utilised in full on the Utilisation Date by payment from the Lender to an account nominated by the Borrower.

  • Maximum number of Utilisations (a) A Borrower may not deliver a Utilisation Request if as a result of the proposed Utilisation:

  • Utilisation fee (a) The Company shall pay to the Agent (for the account of each Lender) a utilisation fee computed at the rate of:

  • Additional Advances and Disbursements; Costs of Enforcement If any Event of Default exists, Mortgagee and each of the Lenders shall have the right, but not the obligation, to cure such Event of Default in the name and on behalf of Mortgagor in accordance with the Credit Agreement. All sums advanced and expenses incurred at any time by Mortgagee or any Lender under this Section, or otherwise under this Mortgage or any of the other Credit Documents or applicable law, shall bear interest from the date that such sum is advanced or expense incurred if not repaid within five (5) days after demand therefor, to and including the date of reimbursement, computed at the rate or rates at which interest is then computed on the Indebtedness, and all such sums, together with interest thereon, shall be secured by this Mortgage. Mortgagor shall pay all expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) of or incidental to the perfection and enforcement of this Mortgage and the other Credit Documents, or the enforcement, compromise or settlement of the Indebtedness or any claim under this Mortgage and the other Credit Documents, and for the curing thereof, or for defending or asserting the rights and claims of Mortgagee or the Lenders in respect thereof, by litigation or otherwise.

  • Completion of a Utilisation Request (a) Each Utilisation Request is irrevocable and will not be regarded as having been duly completed unless:

  • Delivery of a Utilisation Request The Borrower may utilise the Facility by delivery to the Agent of a duly completed Utilisation Request not later than the Specified Time.

  • Increased Costs Reserves on Eurocurrency Rate Loans (a) If any Change in Law shall:

  • Increased Costs Reserves on Eurodollar Rate Loans (a) Increased Costs Generally. If any Change in Law shall:

  • Documentary conditions precedent The obligation of the Bank to make the Loans is subject to the conditions precedent that the Bank shall have received on or before the date of such Borrowing each of the following, in form and substance satisfactory to the Bank and its counsel:

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