Cornerstone definition

Cornerstone means Cornerstone Insurance Company, a Cayman Islands corporation.
Cornerstone means any stone or other marker set flush with the surface of the ground and used to indicate the location of a lot or plot.
Cornerstone means Cornerstone Operating Partnership, LP.

Examples of Cornerstone in a sentence

  • Night Star Gazing Breakfast, Lunch, Chafla dinner & overnight: Chan Shayarot (B,L,D)Tuesday, August 2 Cornerstone StoriesOptional sunrise hike, Amatzia Caves – learn a story of rebellion, drive to Tel Aviv – Yafo, Walk through the Yafo and learn its many faces and understand the dual narrative of the ancient port city from both Jewish and Arab perspectives, Nahalat Binyamin arts and crafts fair, Beach time.

  • An image of a check or item shall be deemed received when you receive a confirmation from Cornerstone Bank that we have received the image.

  • You and Cornerstone Bank are solely responsible for the content transmitted through the messages sent to and from Cornerstone Bank.

  • Thereafter, on the “Transfers” screen under the heading “Create/Edit a Transfer”, you can transfer funds to that account at Cornerstone Bank.

  • Under the heading “Cornerstone to Cornerstone Transfers” select the entity type (Individual or Organization), enter primary owners first and last name on the account if an individual or the entities name on the account if an organization, account type (checking or savings), enter account number in which you are transferring the funds to, and click “continue”.

More Definitions of Cornerstone

Cornerstone means the Cornerstone Program.
Cornerstone means Cornerstone Building and Remodeling, Inc., a Florida corporation.
Cornerstone shall have the meaning assigned thereto in the preamble to this Agreement.
Cornerstone means Cornerstone Healthcare, Inc., a Nevada corporation.
Cornerstone means Cornerstone Equity Investors IV, L.P. and each of its Affiliates.
Cornerstone shall have the meaning as set forth in the introduction of the Agreement.
Cornerstone shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.02(d).