Employment Agreements Sample Clauses

Employment Agreements. Each of the persons listed on Schedule 9.12 shall have been afforded the opportunity to enter into an employment agreement substantially in the form of Annex VIII hereto.
Employment Agreements. Between the date of this Agreement and the Closing Date, Priveco will have made necessary arrangements to employ all of the hourly and salaried employees of Priveco reasonably necessary to operate such business substantially as presently operated. Priveco agrees to provide copies of all such agreements and arrangements that evidence such employment at or prior to Closing.
Employment Agreements. Pubco will have received from Priveco copies of all agreements or arrangements that evidence the employment of all of the hourly and salaried employees of Priveco as set out on Schedule 8 attached hereto, which constitute all of the employees reasonably necessary to operate the business of Priveco substantially as presently operated.
Employment Agreements. The Purchaser shall have received employment agreements, in each case effective as of the Closing, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Purchaser (the “Employment Agreements”), between each of the persons set forth Schedule 8.3(d)(vi) hereto and the applicable Target Company or the Purchaser, as noted in Schedule 8.3(d)(vi), each such Employment Agreement duly executed by the parties thereto.
Employment Agreements. Except as set forth on Schedule 3.8(c), the Company is not a party to any employment agreement ("Employment Agreements") with respect to any of its employees. Employment Agreements include without limitation employee leasing agreements, employee services agreements and non-competition agreements.
Employment Agreements. 45 9.13 Closing of the IPO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 9.14
Employment Agreements. There exists (i) no union, guild or collective bargaining agreement to which AMCON or any AMCON Subsidiary is a party, (ii) no employment, consulting or severance agreement between AMCON or any Subsidiary of AMCON and any Person (except for consulting agreements that individually, and in the aggregate, are not material to AMCON), and (iii) no employment, consulting, severance or indemnification agreement or other agreement or plan to which AMCON or any AMCON Subsidiary is a party that would be altered or result in any bonus, golden parachute, severance or other payment or obligation to any Person, or result in any acceleration of the time of payment or in the provision or vesting of any benefits, as a result of the execution or performance of this Agreement or as a result of the Merger or the other transactions contemplated hereby.
Employment Agreements. Schedule 3.36 sets forth a true, correct and complete list of all employment, agency, independent contractor and sales representative agreements, golden parachute agreements and employee-related non-competition and non-solicitation agreements to which any Borrower Party or any of its Subsidiaries is a party. The Borrower has previously delivered to the Lender true, correct and complete copies of all such agreements, including all amendments thereto. Each such agreement is in writing, is a valid and binding agreement enforceable against the respective parties thereto in accordance with its terms, and no party to any such agreement is in breach of, or in default with respect to, any of its obligations thereunder, nor is the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries aware of any facts or circumstances which might give rise to any breach or default thereunder.
Employment Agreements. See Recital B. ---------------------