Consortium Sample Clauses

Consortium. A "consortium" is a group of attorneys or law firms that is formed for the sole purpose of providing contract services to persons qualifying for court-appointed legal representation. In addition to participating jointly to provide contract services, Consortium members retain their separate identities and may engage in non-court-appointed legal representation.
Consortium. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme entitled
Consortium. The NYS Contract Prices and discounts (i.e., Base Item NYS Contract Price, Optional Equipment NYS Contract Prices, Additional Body Section NYS Contract Price, and Additional Options NYS Discount), for each applicable Item, shall be identical for each individual Contractor participating in a Consortium, and each Contractor shall provide the Item(s) under the Contract for the Consortium price. Each Contractor participating in a Consortium shall be responsible for orders of the applicable Item(s) placed under the Contract for the NYS Counties identified in the Contract. OGS reserves the right to cancel all Contracts resulting from a Consortium if one or more of the Contractors cannot fulfill the requirements of their individual Contract.
Consortium. The group of Consortium Members collaborating to accomplish the objectives of the Agreement, one of which must be a for-profit entity.
Consortium. 2.1 The Parties do hereby irrevocably constitute a consortium (the “Consortium”) for the purposes of jointly participating in the Bidding Process for the Project.
Consortium consortium formed by the Manager, Petrobras, and, when applicable, other companies, under articles 19 to 26 of Law No. 12,351/2010.
Consortium. If the Contractor is a group of economic operators or a consortium, the economic operators forming such group or consortium shall be jointly and severally liable to Fusion for Energy for any loss, damage or claim as a result of the performance or breach of Contractor’s obligations by any of them, under the conditions established in Article I.13.1.