Maintenance Manuals Sample Clauses

Maintenance Manuals. As a part of its purchasing services, DELTA-T will assemble maintenance manuals for all Equipment it procures under this Agreement. These manuals will normally consist of certified vendor drawings, operations manuals, maintenance manuals, lubrication requirements (amount and type), and spare parts list (start-up, one and three year recommended spares), with special instructions included where the vendor information is insufficient. Plant #5 EPT
Maintenance Manuals. The Contractor shall provide the Buyer with the Maintenance Manuals as soon as they are reasonably available but in no event later than ten (10) days after delivery of the Equipment to which it relates. The Contractor shall provide to the Buyer at no additional cost or charge to the Contract Price one (1) printed set and one (1) electronic version on CD-ROM of the Maintenance Manuals for each Network Element and for the 3G Network and the Buyer shall be permitted to make one additional copy of the Maintenance Manuals. The Maintenance Manuals shall be in sufficient detail to accurately represent the 3G Network and all components of the Network Elements as constructed and shall specify clear procedures for the maintenance of all Network Elements and of the 3G Network as a whole. Maintenance Manuals with up to date drawings, specifications and design sheets shall be available for the Training as set out in the Training provisions.
Maintenance Manuals. Maintenance manuals must form part of the Configuration Management File submitted as part of the Installation Design. As-built changes affecting the maintenance manuals are submitted as part of the as- built design submission.
Maintenance Manuals. 28 9. Requirements of Operation and Maintenance Manuals.............................................. 28 10. Ordering of Equipment and Services and Exclusivity ............................................ 29 11.
Maintenance Manuals. 2. The Contractor shall provide a list of outstanding reported system problems with each release. Ref: INMARSAT GLOBALISED VOICE Issue: Draft V2.8h Date: Page: 57 of 81 Inmarsat Globalised Voice Project 06-4318 Statement of Work
Maintenance Manuals. At least thirty (30) days prior to final inspection, three