Commercial Requirements Sample Clauses

Commercial Requirements. The prices shall be exclusive of VAT.
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Commercial Requirements. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, LTS shall manufacture and supply NeurogesX with all of NeurogesX’s commercial requirements for Patches worldwide up to the Maximum Capacity for each year, and shall use [***] to manufacture and supply NeurogesX with any of NeurogesX’s commercial requirements exceeding the Maximum Capacity for each year. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, NeurogesX shall purchase all of its commercial requirements for Patches worldwide from LTS.
Commercial Requirements. The prices shall exclude VAT.
Commercial Requirements. 3 8. DNase........................................................3 9.
Commercial Requirements. UjumbePap may give the Client revenue targets that will be communicated and agreed upon with the Commercial Partnerships Manager or their official designate from time to time. The Client will be required to achieve the revenue targets communicated by UjumbePap.
Commercial Requirements. The Parties good faith estimate of Cost of Goods Sold is [***] per Kit. Assuming that only one such Kit is necessary per patient therapeutic protocol (i.e., elimination of the Imaging Step), IDEC shall supply SCHERING with Commercial Requirements at up to [***] of IDEC’s Cost of Goods Sold up to [***] per Kit (“Cost Plus Maximum Price”). Above the Cost Plus Maximum Price, IDEC will supply Commercial Requirements at [***] of Cost of Goods Sold. In the event that any regulatory authorities in the Licensed Territory approves Licensed Product with a label requiring the majority of patients to use two such Kits (including the Imaging Step) per patient therapeutic protocol, IDEC shall supply SCHERING with Commercial Requirements at up to [***] of IDEC’s Cost of Goods Sold up to [***] per two Kits (“Two Kits Cost Plus Maximum Price”) above the Two Kit Cost Plus Maximum Price, IDEC will supply Commercial Requirements at [***] of Cost of Goods Sold.
Commercial Requirements. BIOGEN IDEC will supply all Commercial Requirements to SCHERING at BIOGEN IDEC’s Cost of Goods Sold.
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Commercial Requirements. Following documents are to be submitted, if applicable write “A” and if not applicable then write “N/a” SL Particular Applicable/ Not Applicable 1 Copy of Trade license A 2 Copy of VAT Registration Certificate A 3 Up to date copy of Tax Payment receipt A 4 Minimum 05 years of Relevant experience as a firm A 5 The satisfactory completion of supply of similar goods of minimum BDT 20 Lac under maximum five contracts in the last three (03) of years. i.e. years counting backward from the date of publication of IFT in the website or floating date. A 6 Update Bank Solvency Certificate issued from authorized bank A 7 Manufacture or Distribution certificate from origin company is preferable Given Advantage
Commercial Requirements. The Parties shall be entitled to apply a charge for the Video and Image Share Interworking Service. Parties agree that any associated communication services such as Voice or Instant Messaging (IM) from which Video and Image Share Interworking Service(s) may be invoked will be charged separately from the Video and Image Share Interworking Service and that charging for any such underlying communication services is not in the scope of this Agreement.
Commercial Requirements. The Emulator must meet the following requirements set out by the DCC. In the sub-sections below, each requirement shall be addressed individually assuming the following. Ref Assumptions A1 Developed Dual Band HAN Emulator Hardware one version: a) Silicon Labs based A2 Software will differentiate: a) ESME b) GSME c) PPMID d) HCALCS e) IHD A3 Architecture and circuit will change to support 5 year life cycle of product A4 Keys are not stored in OTP (one time programmable) chips (Crypto Chips) A5 Emulator does not go through CPA A6 Final hardware features will influence costings A7 Working stacks are available based on ZigBee release schedules A8 Changes to released stacks require re-Certification for ZigBee A9 The DCC shall have design authority and there is defined roadmap. A10 Due to the fast moving nature of the program, IRPs are defined as specifications and not detailed functionality demanding a large overhead to clarify what is required in the Emulator releases from a host application and firmware perspective. A11 Baseline Delivery defined as the features provided in the Emulator [Technical Reference Manual] R1.2, the “SIT and UIT Emulator Technical Requirements v1.0 draft5.3.docx” based on a phase approach, the uplift to TSG2 draft 5 relating specifically to the Emulator, Silabs Dual Band Stack in 2.4GHz mode and with DBHDE hardware. A12 The requirements will be specified in terms of Technical Specifications and IRPs for a given DCC release and that delivered functionality as well as any deviations will be documented as required in the Emulator release notes. A13 Any intermediate releases of the Emulator requested between full releases shall be billed on a project basis using the rates set out in the Rate Table. SLS assumes that that there will be 2 DCC releases a year. A14 Definition of the previous four (4) versions needs to be agreed upon with DCC at a later date that includes PC Host Application and Firmware within the Emulator. A15 For innovations outside the currently funded scope, new requirements shall not executed unless commercial agreement available.
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