Color Sample Clauses

Color. All wood flooring will undergo natural color changes due to the effect of sunlight and/or ultraviolet light and these changes are not covered by our warranty as it is considered a natural occurrence in wood. Rugs and furniture should be moved occasionally to mitigate this problem, especially on the photosensitive species such as Cherry, Walnut and Exotics. Color change is not a product defect. In addition, your flooring will vary from the samples and pictures shown due to wood having natural occurring color variation. Wood flooring produced at different time periods in the same year or in different years will also exhibit color differences.
Color. The colors of the containers provided to Single-Family, Multi-Family and Commercial Customers shall be green for Solid Waste and blue or green with a blue lid for Targeted Recyclable Materials.
Color. The center sphere, or “hub,” is always blue - the same blue as the blue arc. The colors of the arcs cannot be switched or altered.
Color. Color may be used to soften or intensify visual impact, while maintaining continuity.
Color. 2.5.1 The blue color is acceptable as per WI-8.2.4-2.023, if it is reasonably represented by Quality Color Standard.
Color. The primary colors of building materials shall feature earth tones and/or neutral colors. Intensely bright colors are discouraged, but may be acceptable as an accent color for branding purposes to be reviewed on a case by case basis for quality of design and appropriateness. Contrast of building colors is encouraged for visual impact. Building colors shall be complementary of surrounding buildings in the development, but are not required to match them. The proposed colors will be reviewed in conjunction with the proposed building materials for each project. Designers are required to use at least 2 primary building colors and 1 secondary or accent color for each building. Architecture with rigidly uniform color is discouraged.
Color. 2.4.1 The brown/grey color of the silver coated polyurethane film is acceptable as per WI-8.2.4-2.023, if it is reasonably represented by the approved Quality Color Standard.