Power Lines Sample Clauses

Power Lines. Electric and communication lines between Wind Turbines shall, to the maximum extent practicable, be placed underground.
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Power Lines. (a) Operator will consult with Owner and with the independent power company supplying power to Operator with respect to the location of overhead power lines prior to construction. Overhead power lines will be constructed so as to cause the least possible interference with Owner’s existing use of the Lands. Construction shall not begin unless Owner has consented to the location of such power lines, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld. Existing power lines need not be relocated.
Power Lines. Any power lines constructed on the Land shall be buried and constructed and maintained to the following specifications:
Power Lines. Prior to the Commencement Date, Landlord shall cause all of the overhead power lines currently running through the Property to be reduced to a line of single poles running north and south near the eastern boundary of the Property.
Power Lines. The City will install any signs and/or devices necessary to warn the Port, its officers, officials, employees and agents about any utilities, such as power transmission lines, that will no longer be protected by the viaduct once it is demolished.
Power Lines. Kern River shall not use or permit to be used on the Property, construction cranes or other equipment that violate the clearance standards set forth in the NESC, OSHA or High Voltage Overhead Line Safety Act . Grantee shall not place any temporary spoils within a thirty (30) foot radial clearance from any overhead power line unless otherwise approved by Rocky Mountain Power in writing in advance. The storage of hazardous materials is prohibited within the Property. At no time shall Kern River transport or place materials or equipment of any kind that exceed fourteen (14) feet in height, or that creates a material risk of endangering Rocky Mountain Power’s facilities, or that poses a risk to human safety, under or adjacent to any overhead power line. At no time shall Kern River operate any equipment or vehicle exceeding fourteen (14) feet in height under or adjacent to any overhead power line; furthermore, any vehicle or equipment exceeding fourteen (14) feet in height during operation shall maintain a twenty (20) foot radial clearance from any overhead power line. Xxxxxxx’s use of the Property shall comply with the clearance standards set forth in the NESC, OSHA and High Voltage Overhead Line Safety Act.
Power Lines. Operator shall have the right to install overhead power lines on the Strip in accordance with the COM and approved City drilling permit. Owner maintains and reserves the right to grant power line easements to third parties as same may be necessary, provided that such easements will not unduly interfere with Operator’s operations thereon.
Power Lines. Where the height and location of overhead power-lines requires the planting of low growing trees, street trees shall have a minimum height of eight (8) feet, a minimum caliper of one and one-half (11/2) inches at time of planting, and shall meet the following requirements:
Power Lines. All power lines must be underground, same as existing power lines in Phase I and Phase II.
Power Lines. A high voltage electric transmission power line may be located on or near the property transferred hereby. It is possible that such power lines may cause adverse health effects in Lessee and users of property near such power lines.