Drop box definition

Drop box means a device used for serial or sequential distribution of effluent by gravity flow to a lateral of a soil treatment area.
Drop box means a structure used to divert wastewater flow into a soil absorption trench. When the trench is filled to a set level, the drop box then allows any additional wastewater not absorbed by that trench to flow to the next drop box or soil absorption trench.
Drop box means a locked container permanently marked with the game and a number corresponding to a permanent number on the table for blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette tables. For gaming devices or EBTs, a container in a locked portion of the gaming device used to collect the money and tokens retained by the device that is not used to make automatic payouts from the device. Amended 10/15/20

Examples of Drop box in a sentence

  • If, however, the County does not have two (2) Drop Boxes that are ready to be hauled, the Contactor shall haul the Drop Box ready to be hauled and shall bill the County for the hauling service based on the pickup rate for one (1) Drop Box and the applicable mileage fee.

  • Such rates shall be adjusted consistent with and at the same time as any adjustments to the rates in Contractor’s WUTC Tariff for the closest Drop Box size.

  • The Parties acknowledge that the Contractor’s WUTC Tariff does not include a rate for renting or hauling 50-yard Drop Boxes required under this Agreement, as specified in Section 5.1. The Parties therefore agree that the rental and hauling rates for the 50-yard Drop Boxes shall be the same as the closest Drop Box size (40-yard Drop Box) listed in the Contractor’s WUTC Tariff.

  • The County shall pay the Contractor Drop Box rental and Service Fees for hauling services from the RAGFs to OVTS.

  • Fees for Drop Box rental and hauling services shall be adjusted when revisions to the Contractor’s applicable rates are approved by the WUTC and become effective.

More Definitions of Drop box

Drop box means a watertight structure that receives septic tank effluent and distributes it into one or more distribution pipes, and into an overflow leading to another drop box and absorption system located at a lower elevation.
Drop box means a watertight box that receives the discharge of effluent from a septic tank and provides serial or sequential distribution of effluent by gravity to each soil absorption system trench where such trenches are installed at progressively lower elevations.
Drop box means a locked container permanently marked with the number corresponding to a permanent number on the card or domino table.
Drop box means a receptacle designated by the Division into which a person places vehicle registration forms and fees, and from which the Division retrieves these items daily.
Drop box means a secure receptacle established to receive mail ballots twenty- four hours a day. The term does not include a mail ballot box maintained at a voter service and polling center pursuant to section 1-5-102.9 (3)(l) or a drop-off location.
Drop box means the box attached to a live gaming device table that is used to collect, but is not limited to, any of the following items: