Clause 29 Sample Clauses

Clause 29. .1. The Concessionaire will organize and maintain a Council of Users, of consulting nature, under the terms set forth in the regulations.
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Clause 29. 2 applies if a Relative has a right to reside in the Accommodation Unit under section 70B(2) of the Act.
Clause 29. 5.1 applies to an employee in respect of annual leave (except so much, if any, as has entitled (apart from this clause) to taken it, and so applies as if the employee's right to take it had accrued immediately before the date of the termination of the employee's employment. Nothing in clause 29.5.1 or 29.5.2 affects the obligations of the Employer to give, or an employee to take, annual leave in accordance with this agreement.
Clause 29. 1. The Concessionaire shall organize and keep, on an ongoing basis, a Users’ Council, to be composed of representatives of organizations of the several classes of users and official customer defense bodies, which will have an advisory role and be designed for the guidance, analysis and evaluation of the Concessionaire’s services and quality service, as well as for making any suggestions and proposals for improvement of services. Sole Paragraph. Anatel shall establish rules for the implementation and operation of the Users’ Council by means of a specific regulation.
Clause 29. The Sellers agree that QML is entitled to nominate one of its subsidiaries as the buyer of the Vessel (such subsidiary being called for the purposes of this Agreement, the “Nominee”) under this Agreement. It is further agreed between the Sellers and the Buyers that any such nomination is to be made by QML in writing at least 10 running dates before delivery of the Vessel and in connection therewith QML will also provide to the Sellers a copy of its letter nominating the Nominee as Buyers, which nomination shall be accepted by the Nominee countersigning such letter. Finally, it is hereby agreed between the parties thereto, that upon such nomination taking place the Nominee shall become the “Buyers” for the purposes of this Agreement and shall have all the rights and obligations QML had by signing this Agreement. QML will remain responsible for all the obligations the Buyers have under this Agreement, notwithstanding the nomination of the Nominee, provided however that, to the extent that the Nominee duly performs and discharges (or procures the performance and discharge of) the duties and liabilities undertaken by the Buyers in this Agreement, then such performance and discharge of the said duties and liabilities by the Nominee shall be deemed to be proper and due performance and discharge of QML’s duties and liabilities under this Agreement and the Sellers’ shall not be construed by virtue of the terms of this Clause 29 that they have the right to ask QML to perform again any duty or liability that has already been performed by the Nominee. Clause 30 This Agreement is subject to QML raising the necessary funds for acquiring the Vessel and 16 other vessels it has agreed to purchase from affiliates of the Sellers, and declaring its success in achieving so not later than 10 May 2006. Should QML not declare its success to the Sellers in accordance with this Clause 30, the deposit together with the interest earned shall be released immediately to the Buyers, after which this Agreement shall be null and void.

Related to Clause 29

  • Clause 4 1.1 of the Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows:

  • Costs of Utilisation 8 Interest

  • REMEDIES AND WAIVERS No failure to exercise, nor any delay in exercising, on the part of any Finance Party, any right or remedy under the Finance Documents shall operate as a waiver, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy prevent any further or other exercise or the exercise of any other right or remedy. The rights and remedies provided in this Agreement are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.

  • Remedies and Waiver All remedies of any party are cumulative. Failure of either the Ceding Company or the Reinsurer to exercise any right, privilege, power or remedy at law, equity or in existence by virtue of this Agreement or to otherwise insist upon strict compliance with any of the terms, provisions and conditions of this Agreement, or the obligations of the other party, will not constitute a waiver of such right, privilege, power, remedy, term, provision, condition, or obligation. Moreover, the failure of either party to enforce any part of this Agreement shall not be deemed to be an act of ratification or consent. No prior transactions or dealings between the parties shall be deemed to establish any custom or usage waiving or modifying any provision of this Agreement.

  • Maximum number of Utilisations (a) A Borrower may not deliver a Utilisation Request if as a result of the proposed Utilisation:

  • Clauses In this Agreement any reference to a “Clause” or a “Schedule” is, unless the context otherwise requires, a reference to a Clause or a Schedule to this Agreement.

  • Without prejudice to Clause 16.1 the Employer shall:

  • Remedies Upon Occurrence of Event of Default 13 7.1. Remedies; Obtaining the Collateral Upon Default............. 13 7.2. Remedies; Disposition of the Collateral..................... 14 7.3.

  • Set-Off and Waiver Each Guarantor waives any right to assert against any Revolving Secured Party as a defense, counterclaim, set-off, recoupment or cross claim in respect of its Guarantor’s Obligations, any defense (legal or equitable) or other claim which such Guarantor may now or at any time hereafter have against the Company or any or all of the Revolving Secured Parties without waiving any additional defenses, set-offs, counterclaims or other claims otherwise available to such Guarantor. Each Guarantor agrees that each Revolving Secured Party shall have a lien for all the Guarantor’s Obligations upon all deposits or deposit accounts, of any kind, or any interest in any deposits or deposit accounts, now or hereafter pledged, mortgaged, transferred or assigned to such Revolving Secured Party or otherwise in the possession or control of such Revolving Secured Party for any purpose (other than solely for safekeeping) for the account or benefit of such Guarantor, including any balance of any deposit account or of any credit of such Guarantor with the Revolving Secured Party, whether now existing or hereafter established, and hereby authorizes each Revolving Secured Party from and after the occurrence of an Event of Default at any time or times with or without prior notice to apply such balances or any part thereof to such of the Guarantor’s Obligations to the Revolving Secured Parties then due and in such amounts as provided for in the Revolving Credit Agreement or otherwise as they may elect. For the purposes of this Section 8, all remittances and property shall be deemed to be in the possession of a Revolving Secured Party as soon as the same may be put in transit to it by mail or carrier or by other bailee.

  • Conditions of Utilisation 4.1 Initial conditions precedent

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