Clause 4 Sample Clauses

Clause 4. 4. In the course of all the term of effectiveness of the grant, the Concessionaire undertakes to keep the commitments of quality, coverage and offer of the service included in the present Contract, irrespective of the competitive environment existing in the geographic area of exploration of the service.
Clause 4. 2. The Concessionaire shall agree to provide the service subject to this concession in such a way to fully comply with the universalization and continuity obligations inherent in the public system, which is fully applicable to the Concessionaire, by following the criteria, formulas and parameters defined in this Agreement.
Clause 4. 3. The Concessionaire will explore the service object of the grant at its own account and risk, within the regimen of full and fair competition as established by Law No. 9,472 of 1997 and in the General Plan of Grants, being remunerated for the tariffs charged and for eventual complementary or accessory income that it makes as per terms of the present Contract.
Clause 4. 3.1 shall not apply to:
Clause 4. 7. of the Contract shall be amended as follows: The entire relationship of the Parties hereunder shall be subject to the confidentiality terms and conditions as set forth in the Confidentiality Agreement No. 37-06-30 entered into by the Parties on 2006. Any exchange of information between the Parties hereunder shall be in a manner which shall allow for it to be kept in confidence in accordance with the Confidentiality Agreement Provisions.